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Reasons why Shahdag makes an ultimate Winter Holiday destination!


Where is Shahdag, on the map?

Presently not as popular as it should be, Shahdag resort, makes an ideal tourist location, packed with adventure and all sorts of activities for a perfect winter holiday! Shahdag is basically a mountain belonging to the Greater Caucus range, because of its high altitude the region experiences severe cold climate with snow, for most of the year. Shahdag resort is named after this mountain and is located in the northern district (Qusar) of Azerbaijan. It is a scarcely populated area, rich in nature, scenic beauty and fun winter activities.

My visit to Shahdag resort was short, consisting of a single day, only. However, without a doubt it was one of my most memorable and worthwhile experience, from the entire Azerbaijan venture. Here, I combine for you reasons, why you should visit Shahdag for a splendid winter holiday!

Awe-inspiring Natural beauty!

Shahdag with its extraordinary natural beauty and quiet surroundings, makes a flawless destination for a calm and relaxing winter holiday. As you sip from a warm cuppa’ under the bright sun and winter air, in Shahdag resort, you can gaze into stretches of nature’s eloquence. From ancient glaciers and lakes, to deep valleys, canyons and ecological troves of plants and animals. Even, on my short visit, I was deeply moved by the picturesque views Shahdag had to offer; completely opposite to what I had in mind for a snow-covered hill. My tour guides (Smileys tour) had arranged a cable car ride for my entertainment. I thoroughly enjoyed it, largely because through this ride, I got to witness the enchanting beauty of this region. Ahhh! it was phenomenal! Shahdag can practically provide a remedy for our anxious ‘city-life selves’, with its beguiling sceneries.

Name the winter sport

And you will have it! The geographical location of Shahdag, gives it an all-time winter climate but, it completely lacks the gloomy vibe. In fact, on bright sunny days you can forget about the snow and indulge yourself in all kinds of outdoor activities. The climate allows Shahdag resort, to cater winter sport activities from skiing to ice skating and horse riding. I could not manage to try any of these except for my cable car ride, which was equally enthralling. The resort also offers other activities like paintball, tubing and quad tours to spend quality time with friends and family.

Calm and Cosy evenings

Indeed, after a sporty day, you can enjoy a relaxing evening in Shahdag resort where the hosts serve you with warm and delicious food followed by Sheesha, in open space. The nights are quiet so, you have a great time watching the starry sky with some hot coffee and sheesha, while feeling the cool light breeze.  Ahhhh, this memory alone has drifted me into a reverie. It was truly an exotic experience.

Foodies have lots of options

Shahdag resort coddles you with just the right type of coffee and food, for a cold wintry place like it. Many cafes and restaurants are accommodated within the resort where you can eat from a variety of options. They have famous fast food chains, continentals and most of the national and traditional delicacies. I ate from a fast food café yet, the best part of the food was; the hosts knew very well how to serve their food, warm and good. It added to my exciting experiences in Shahdag and now the place has all my recommendations!

Azerbaijan is a must visit!

Shahdag is surely on top, of my Azerbaijan venture list, however the country has so much more to offer the tourist and travellers. It is a place rich in culture, traditions and heritage thus, I suggest all adventure seekers to visit Azerbaijan. It will surely be your big hit!

Check out my other blog “Azerbaijan Adventure” to see for yourself what this amazing place has in store for you!

Dubai Travel Diaries: Touring the Desert Safari

Dubai Travel Diary

Dubai a fabulous travel destination!

Dubai…with its impressive architecture, extravagant lifestyle and sheer diversity in culture, business, and technology, forms one of the best tourism destination in the Middle East. And no doubt I can assure you to have a quality time of your life, Vacationing in Dubai!


The best thing about Dubai is, it has to offer you a versatile tourist experience from its cultural Bedouin heritage to its modernistic style. Its an apt destination for a phenomenal vacation with amazing entertainment and leisure activities to keep you busy with. From iconic beaches, water parks, remarkable food cuisines and accommodations, to name a few. Here is my travel experience of a spectacular day at the desert safari in Dubai!


Unexpected Start!

I had planned my trip to Dubai in late December’19 and was looking forward to having an exciting New Year’s Eve watching the fireworks beside the Burj Khalifa. However, things didn’t go as planned. To my surprise, as soon as I landed in Dubai, it began to rain. Yes! Rain in the dessert land, like never before! And it continued for a-two-whole-days. Since, Dubai generally receives quite fewer rainfall, it is not infra-structurally equipped to receive continuous heavy rain, like the one I experienced. Hence, the consequence; the two-day pouring left the streets, and roads of Abu-Dhabi (capital of Dubai) flooded with water. While, I sat in my apartment, doing nothing but waiting for the clouds to tire away and for the sun, shine again!

A sunny day Alas!

The skies finally cleared up and with no intentions to waste another day of my trip in the cosy apartment. I right away, booked a day tour of the desert safari from ‘Air-bnb’ – my all-time favourite app for travel and tour bookings. A luxury pickup arrived at my apartment location, early in the morning. I was thrilled to meet my driver – Farooq, who also happened to be a Pakistani. As soon as we arrived at our destination, as far as my eye could reach, I could only see stretches of land covered in sand, with occasional specks of abstract dunes. Like the greens and mountains, this sandy plain held a beauty of its own!


Meeting Laila & Jamila!

I was escorted to where all the camels stood, there I met Laila and Jamila – two beautiful Camels, who were going to be my ride for the day. Hasty in stride and strong in might! These camels and their care taker – Bashir (also a Pakistani :p) were quite a friendly lot. I had an adventurous time, exploring the Desert with Jamila and Laila. The ride went on for an hour till it was time for a refreshing break!


Arabian delicacies with a ravishing view!

Indeed, as we sat down after our camel ride, we were served with refreshing Arabian coffee, dates and some extraordinary Arabian sweets, while being entertained with a falcon show. Gradually, cold desert winds began to blow as we were approaching dusk. Our hosts provided us with blankets, and it felt nothing less than a dream; sitting in that cosy spot, eating those Arabian delicacies and watching the divine sunset!

A perfect ending to a marvellous day at the Desert Safari!

As night approached, I was ushered back, to where my luxury pickup drive was waiting for me, to take me to a mansion-like restaurant, situated a few kilometres away from the Dessert Safari location. There, arrangements were made for me and a few other tourist’s – a luxurious sitting area, where we were soon, served with a lavish Arabian dinner while being entertained with belly-dances. After a scrumptious three-course meal, the day finally came to an end. I was dropped back to my apartments and for a while, I remained in a reverie recollecting the amazing experiences of the day.  Huh… Dubai Desert Safari is definitely a must-to-visit-place for all those travel lovers and adventure seekers out there!


Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa; must see attractions?



The two most astonishing buildings in Dubai standing side by side like two old friends are a must-see if you’re anywhere in UAE. The world’s tallest skyscraper and the world’s busiest mall for tourists and residents alike, stand humbly in Downtown Dubai on Sheikh Zayad Road with getting over more than 4000 visitors A DAY!! 

I mean, seriously? What’s so iconic about them? Yup, that’s where I went wrong! 

You see, you don’t question why something (or someone, in the case of “Kardashians”) is famous. You barely need to figure out the reasons. Most of us are just following the trend. However, I’ve been to these places, and there are surely more reasons to love them than to just follow a trend.

So let’s dig into why people love to see Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa. 

Status Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa

Beautifying Dubai’s impressive skyline with its highest observation deck in the world and getting to know as the best service provider in the world of shopping centers is only a fraction of why Burj Khalifa and Dubai mall is so famous. The buildings have almost become a status after winning many awards for their amazing architecture, dazzling interior, service, and entertainment. Both of the buildings also hold prestigious titles as the tallest building and the biggest shopping center in the world as of 2019. 

Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa


Dubai Mall is a Disney land of its own and when I say that, I’m not kidding at all!! It’s literally the Disney Land of UAE. The mall has theme parks, virtual reality parks (talk about being futuristic), underwater zoo, it’s own man-made waterfall, reel cinemas with TWENTY-TWO SCREENS!! I’m just getting started. KidZania for the entertainment of children, Football field, ice skating rink, and of course the retail shops. Now, wouldn’t you just love to go to this mall? It’s entertainment even for your husband, IYKWIM.


The same goes for the magnificent Burj Khalifa. To begin with, it gives an out of the world experience when you visit its top deck and look down from there. The building finds its inspiration from Hymenocallis, the desert flower and has a park that gives tribute to it. Six water features, gardens, palm-lined walkways and surrounding trees give an impression of three-petaled Hymenocallis flower. The tower itself is packed with amazing restaurants and the Burj club to give you the time of your life.


Budgeted Tour

What kind of tourist are you if you’re not worried about spending too much in these places. The good news is that you can take their tour with a budget of even 6 UAE Dirham, that’s like 2 US dollars. There are prices to get to the top of the tower or to get to the Mall’s theme park but you can always just visit, take pictures, enjoy the places and get back. Dubai Mall even cares about your tight budget. You’ll find your favorites like H&M and Zara and also high-end brands like Chanel and Bloomingdale. It caters to everyone!

So, if you’re planning your trip to Dubai, will you miss out on these two places now? I guess not!

The best hand-tossed pizza in town – California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen

I knew the first thing I wanted to try in Dubai was California Pizza Kitchen, having heard people rave about it so often. And my, oh my! I was pleasantly surprised. From the taste to the service, there was nothing to complain about. And let’s not forget the amazing view from Dubai Mall! California Pizza Kitchen ticks everything off of my checklist for sure.

The Taste

Wanting to try something new, I ordered one of their best flavors – The California Club. The amalgam of smoked bacon and grilled chicken, topped with fresh avocado and arugula was one I’d experienced for the first time and let me say, California Pizza Kitchen knocked it out of the ballpark! The lemon pepper mayo gave a tangy kick to the pizza and made it even more enjoyable as it was fresh out of the oven. Each pizza would be good for about two to three people.

California Pizza Kitchen



The Service

Our waiter, Andrew, was extremely helpful. He served us with a big smile and brought our order in just ten minutes. Overall, our meal was served fresh and the customer service at California Pizza Kitchen will surely have us coming for more.

The Place

We went to the branch in Dubai Mall and it was quite cosy. The dough was being tossed in front of us and we also got a little snippet of the behind the scenes of our pizza. We loved the ambiance and especially the view – it’s safe to say it was breathtaking. What more could one want than a plate of fresh pizza and the view of Dubai’s famous dancing fountain?

Overall, our experience at California Pizza Kitchen was one of the best. For the price of 65 Dirhams, the pizza lived up to the mark and was quite delicious. They have a wide variety of unique flavors to choose from and I can’t wait to try them all. If you visit Dubai, be sure to check them out. You have my approval and recommendation for that!




Getting Loan For Travelling: Yes or No?


Getting Loan For Travelling: Yes or No? 

Every person likes to travel at least once a year to a beautiful new place. It is good to travel around the world but one thing is for sure that you need money for it. With the prices of every product, we consume skyrocketing, saving money for travelling might be a little too difficult for most of us. A way to have the finances for travelling is to get a loan for it. 
Yes, it seems risky and irrational but it does work. People who take loans for travelling evaluate each and every risk and opportunity involved in it.
You might afford the initial price of the trip but maybe not the interest payments. Here are some tips to practice if you have decided to get a loan: 

Get Good With Budgeting 

You have to get good with numbers to make sure that you will be able to pay off your trip loan. We are going to give you some tips to make a good budget. You must make sure the amount you are lending is easily payable as soon as possible. 
It might seem easy to pick a 12-month loan payment plan for now, but it’s not. 
Firstly, it increases your interest payments. You will be paying a lot more than you got. Secondly, you are unsure of what the future holds for you. You have a secure job now but you never know what’s going to happen then. You are in good health now but what if you get seriously sick and need money for your treatment? 
Moreover, make sure that you are not getting a loan more than Rs. 100,000 in any case. You may be getting Rs. 100,000 but you will definitely be returning more than that. Other than that, make sure that since you are travelling on loan, choose hotels that are cheap, eat at hotels that are inexpensive and find places to visit that are closer to where your hotel is.

Plan For Local Areas 

This will be the best option if you are in dire need of escaping the city hustle as early as possible. Pakistan’s northern areas are as beautiful as any mountains in 
Switzerland. Browse for northern areas that you haven’t seen yet. Go beyond 
Murree. We suggest you go to Gilgit Baltistan, visit the beautiful valley and meet the people of Kailash and see with your own eyes the majestic Passu Cones. It will be a lifetime experience which will cost less than any international trip.

Go To a Neighboring Country 

If you have already seen Pakistan’s beautiful mountains and valleys and don’t want to revisit them, we suggest you go to a neighboring country. Firstly, Iran has some beautiful places to see. It might also become a spiritual journey for you there. Iran’s city Shiraz is as beautiful as any other place in the world. You can even experience snowfall if you go to Iran in winters. Other cities like Mash’had and Qom have tombs of famous spiritual leaders. Secondly, China might be an option to visit. There sure is a lot of cultural heritage and ancient history of Chinese there which is a lot different than ours. If you’re a travel foodie then what’s more exciting than trying out the authentic Chinese food from the streets of China. 

These are some ways on how to take full advantage of your travel loan without getting tense on neither paying back nor not being able to enjoy the trip as much. Comment below if you think we helped you plan your trip or got you to take a loan for it.

Cheap Flights From Lahore Islamabad and Karachi to Dubai in 2020

Cheap Flights



If you are looking for cheap flights from Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi to Dubai in 2019 and cannot get into the hassle of browsing and comparing every flight and company, we are here for you. These are the best deal we could find for you



Emirates is one of the best airlines based in Dubai, UAE. It has many routes to and from Dubai that offer cheap flights from Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi to Dubai in 2019. Government of Dubai’s Investment Corporation of Dubai owns it. Over the years it has build up a good rapport between fellow competitors and customers. While travelling to Dubai from any city of Pakistan, travelers are allowed a total of 20kgs free with them. Any other extra luggage and its charges depend upon the routes and destinations of the flight.

Cheap Flights from Karachi to Dubai

Emirates offers cheapest flights to Dubai from Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. A trip to Dubai from Karachi will cost you nearly 250 USD with Emirates. 250 USD means around 39,000 PKR. This is definitely a cheaper and attractive offer with a minimal travelling cost. Moreover, since you are travelling with a reliable and renowned travel company the choice gets, even more, easier to make. Your ambiguities about travel experience and comfort are washed off if you decide to travel with Emirates.

Cheap Flights from Lahore to Dubai

However, from Lahore the return ticket will cost you around 450 USD which is 70,425 as per current date. If you are a budget-friendly traveler, we suggest that you take your flight from Karachi as it will save some bucks for you. If you plan to catch a plane to Dubai from Karachi while residing in Lahore, we suggest you to go either by bus or by train or any other suitable plus economical way.

Cheap Flights from Islamabad to Dubai

From Islamabad, your travel expense will cost you PKR 66,823. The prices may vary therefore you are advised to counter-check the prices thoroughly between Lahore and Islamabad. If due to any reason the flight from Lahore costs you double-digit gap, we recommend you getting a short road trip to Islamabad from Lahore. 


Pakistan International Airlines is the only and oldest airline of Pakistan. It is also owned by the government. The latter sentence is the reason why don’t often recommend taking a trip through them. They are at times offer a lot higher prices than their competitors with less or zero accommodations. In the past, they have shown poor performance in every department. However, as per our research, they are offering a standard and fairly less rate for flights to Dubai.

Cheap Flights from Karachi to Dubai

PIA return flight from Karachi of the economy class will cost you 45,500 PKR. Karachi is a metropolitan city and it’s the busiest airport in Pakistan. Therefore, you have better and cheap packages there.

Cheap Flights from Lahore to Dubai

PIA from Lahore airport will cost you around 53,500 PKR as per now. PIA is known to be expensive and sadly not accommodating. However, if you’re lucky and you book your tickets way ahead of time then you might be able to get a fairly reasonable package.

Cheap Flights from Islamabad to Dubai

PIA from Islamabad to Dubai currently will cost you 55,000. This might not be the best package as compared to others but it is still flying to Dubai. PIA is not the cheapest option but we suggest you to keep it in your options as your last resort.

ETIHAD Airways

Etihad is an Abu Dhabi based airline. It is the second largest airline of the United Arab Emirates. They have been listed countless times as the safest airline to travel. Their consistency, professionalism and customer care is top notch.

Cheap Flights from Karachi to Dubai

Etihad airways from Karachi offers three different packages to Dubai. They are deal, saver and classic deals that cost 23,014 PKR, 35,374 PKR and 29294 PKR respectively. This offer is by far the best offer we have evaluated for you. It not only offers cheap flights but also assures great hospitality.

Cheap Flights from Lahore to Dubai

Etihad Airways has different packages available for its potential customers. It costs you  37144 PKR  for saver package and 43,584 PKR for the classic package. Etihad not only offers cheap flights to Dubai but also offers the best hospitality. We highly recommend it!

Cheap Flights from Islamabad to Dubai

From Islamabad to Dubai you would have to pay 36,074 PKR and 45,024 PKR of saver and classic package to Etihad. The saver offer is not to be missed if you’re flying from Islamabad. You will have the best experience with the best prices with Etihad. Etihad is the best option for you to opt regardless of the city you are departing from.



Reasons Why Travelling to Pakistan In 2019 Is A Must

Travelling to Pakistan



Some people take Pakistan as a trip towards hell due to its struggle with war on terrorism. Islamophobia has deprived people to know how beautiful Pakistan is. Here are some reasons why travelling to Pakistan in 2019 will the best decision ever made:

1. Hospitality

People in Pakistan are very welcoming, friendly and hospitable. While travelling, most foreigners have said that the locals won’t let you pay for anything Good hospitality is not just in their culture but in their religion too. Moreover, people live a simpler life there. They find happiness in small things. Firstly, they love to live together as a big joint family. Secondly, they love sharing their food with as many people as they can. Other than that, while travelling in Pakistan you will definitely receive free food, living space, and souvenirs from the locals.

2. Beautiful Landscapes

Pakistan has the most beautiful landscapes in the world. It has five of the world’s highest mountains. Their iconic and breathtaking Passu cones, the highest peak in the world K2 and the valleys of Naran and Kaghan. All of these places look like they are a place from heaven. Travelling through the majestic Karakorum highway. The beautiful valleys of Kashmir, the lush greenery and beautiful local people with deep colored eyes is surely a sight to witness. It can take you more than a month to just visit the landscapes in the northern side of Pakistan.

Moreover, there are so many hidden and remote valleys enriched with culture in Pakistan. Especially the Kailash valley where there is a majority of non-Muslims who wear traditional long gowns, tie their long hair with braids. Every place has their own style of dance which is so fun to learn and their own unique musical instrument which is so soothing to the ears.

3. Travelling to Pakistan costs so less!

Yes, that’s right. Travelling is cheaper in Pakistan. This is mainly because of its economy. One American dollar is equal to 160 PKR in the present time. This means that stuff in Pakistan will definitely feel like cheaper to you more than the locals there. To get you an idea on this, you can rent a car for $30 per day and $15 for a bike. Public transport is even cheaper. You can literally travel a whole city on a bus in just 19 cents. It’s mind-boggling!

4. Pakistani Food

The food life in Pakistan is so flavorful. There are so many different varieties of food and flavor profiles that it will confuse you on what to order. They have Karahi packed with flavor which is meat cooked in different spices with onions and juicy tomatoes. There is sajji, lamb roast, kababs and so much more. Thankfully, most of the times the locals are happy to guide you on what kind of food you should order. Moreover, if you are eating with a local the chances are they will not let you pay. Even if you are buying anything from the locals, they insist you take it for free.

Other than that, every region has their own special food which can be found on almost every corner of the road. Even the most consumed beverage in Pakistan tea, has different varieties in the country. There are big food streets in different cities of Pakistan.

However, if you start missing home or have weird sushi cravings you will find it there. This is because Pakistan is not the desert or that highly backward country you thought it is. It has different international food chains like McDonald’s, KFC, P.F Chang’s and many more.

5. Different cultures

Pakistan’s culture is very diverse. People from Afghanistan, India, Persia, South, Central and Western Asia have migrated here from time to time. People differ from each other in features, customs, foods, blood lineage histories and of course music. There are major 15 groups with different ethnicity there. Women from Kailash Valley wear a long gown with different beads including a mirror in it. Sindhi people have a unique pattern called Ajrak, whereas Punjabis wear simple comfortable Shalwar Kameez.

Hence, Pakistan can be your dream destination if you read enough about it.


Top Best Hotels In Karachi 2019

Hotel in Karachi

Karachi, the city that never sleeps. A city where every culture exists. Karachi is the epitome of vast cultural diversity of Pakistan. The city will attract you towards itself with different and amazing offers. It invites you to experience exotic delicious foods, business and job opportunities, bazaars and not to forget the beautiful serene coast side. Here are six finest, exotic and best hotel in Karachi to make your trip more memorable and perfect in no particular order

Karachi Marriott Hotel

Opposite to Frere Hall and Park, Marriott Hotel is a Five Star hotel that has so much to offer to its valuable customers. It is one of best hotel in Karachi. A single night in this hotel will cost you a standard 120 USD per night. They offer complimentary Buffet breakfast, Continental breakfast, Full American breakfast and Hot breakfast. Similarly, other restaurants within the hotel in Karachi are also available with casual and formal setup. Moreover, the hotel has a fitness club indoor and outdoor with different timings. The hotel offers you different discount points if you have their membership. Specific discounts to army or government personnel, corporate, senior and group discount are also redeemable.

1. Movenpick Hotel

The previous Sheraton Hotel in Karachi is now Movenpick Hotel. It is a five star hotel in Karachi with remarkable business, dining and leisure facilities. The hotel is just 17 kms away from Jinnah International Airport. However, a single night at Movenpick can cost 100 USD with breakfast and 90 USD without breakfast. Although, it is market competitive price, it can be availed by upper class only. Moreover, they also offer a $20 restaurant gift card and free WiFi if you directly book a room from them.

Lastly, as a bonus key advice, we suggest you to get the booking with breakfast as you will not regret doing so.

2. Pearl Continental Karachi

Pearl Continental has spread almost everywhere in Pakistan. It has five star hotels in eleven cities of Pakistan. One night stay at Pearl Continental Karachi costs about 100 USD or more approximately. It is located at Club Road, Civil Lines which is at the heart of city. It’s a tall beautiful building standing in the middle of the city. It has easy access to Karachi’s every prime locations.

3. Avari Towers Karachi

Avari Towers is only fifteen kilometers away from Jinnah International airport. The staff is very professional, friendly and understanding there. A complimentary pick up from the airport is available too. You can hold meetings there. Moreover, fine dining restaurants, gym facilities and excellent suites are available. The suites can cost 95 to 110 USD per night. They offer amazing hotel room view, large swimming pool and lush green gardens.

4. Ramada Plaza Karachi

Ramada Plaza Karachi is also one of the best ones in Karachi. Like every other competitor, they offer suites, rooms, gym membership and banquets. It is a large international network in hospitality industry. A single stay at Ramada Plaza Karachi for business room will cost you Rs. 14,500 including tax. Moreover, they arrange different events like Halloween, summer camp, cricket tournament etc. Hence, there is always something planned for you to enjoy at Ramada Plaza.

Conclusively, these are the best hotels in Karachi where you can spend your time with the best of everything. However, these prices are higher than any other hotel that does not hold four stars in the hospitality industry. A budget friendly customer will find it hard to stay at such luxurious hotels.  You can book your stays at one of these hotels if you want to enjoy the best hospitality available in the city. Comment below to share your experience of above mentioned hotels if you’ve ever been to one.





Breathtaking Trails of Margalla Hills in Islamabad that are Nature at its Best

trails of Margalla Hills

Islamabad is among the limited cities that are blessed with a great location with abundant greenery and perfect weather. The trails of Margalla Hills, Islamabad, are nature at its best and also a great way to get some healthy entertainment. The beautiful flora and fauna of the Margalla Hills offer a great respite for the masses. The locals hike up these trails for a gorgeous view and a natural picnic spot. It is a natural reserve area for wildlife and plants and offers massive biodiversity.

Here are some of the best trails of Margalla Hills that are good for families and friends:

1. Trail 3

Trail 3 of Margalla Hills is the shortest route that takes you straight to Monal You can enjoy a 2 hour trek and then reach the most gorgeous spot up there. Monal is one of the best restaurants in Islamabad and you can finish off with a great meal. The trek also offers other great panoramic views of the beautiful city of Islamabad. There are 2 trails one is called the Fire Trail, which is steep and quite exhausting. The other trail is less steep and zigzags all the way up. It is advised to take the less steeper trail if you are with family.

2. Trail 5


Trial 5 is the most popular thing to do over the weekend in Islamabad. People who want to take a peaceful day away from their daily routines are often found on trail 5. This trail offers the most picturesque views and the rich cover makes for a great view. It also ends on the Pir Sohawa road and you can make your way up to Monal from here. It is great to start hiking in the morning and then stop over at Monal for a nice lunch and a cup of tea.

3. Trail 6


Climbing up all the way to Jabbi Gali, this is the most scenic trails out of them all. Trail 6 moves across thick jungle cover and you can spot many kinds of birds and monkeys up here. Start a little early and the massive chirping of birds will be like music to your ears. Monal is also just a km away from where this trails ends and you can climb down there too. This is getting more popular by the day as it is beautiful.

These trails are the best way to stay healthy and get some fresh air. The trails of Margalla hills are the best things Islamabad has to offer. Highly recommended!


Top Beautiful Places in Islamabad to Hangout with Friends – Traveller Trek

Top Beautiful Places in Islamabad

Islamabad is one of the most beautiful cities of Pakistan. They city is well planned and at a beautiful scenic location. There is so much to see here that a traveler like us needs a good itinerary. The city is safe, green and the rain makes the view extremely beautiful. Whether you are alone or with friends, here are the top beautiful places in Islamabad to hangout:

1. The Monal Restaurant

Located in the Margalla Hills and at a pristine location, Monal has always been a crowd favorite. This is at an hour drive from the city and the view is fantastic. You can take a car on the road to the top and when you reach there you see a magnificent restaurant. Although, the drive can be long it only adds to the fun. The view is great for pictures and adds to the great ambiance. The food is continental and the hi-tea can also be a great idea.

Monal is a must stop over in Islamabad even if you are here for just one day. The view is something you just cannot miss.

2. The Hot Spot

 the hotspot cafe islamabad

The Hot Spot is an old ice cream place and was one of the first to open up. This will definitely make i to the list of best of top beautiful places in Islamabad. Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, this is a great destination to hangout with friends. The crowd is mostly young adults and teenagers so the place is very hip. The place offers a wide range of desserts and is also well known for its cafe food. Grab a bite with your old pals, get some ice cream and get to talking!

3. Hiking Trails in the Margalla Hills

Image result for trail 5

Trail 3 is the real hike, trail 5 is the most scenic and trail 6 is the most popular these days. If you are looking for an exciting way to spend the day take one of these trails. These are a great way to spend some intimate time with friends and family. If you want a proper hike, take trail 3 as it is quite steep. Trial 5 is more doable and many people also come here with families. You can enjoy the numerous water streams running down these trails as well. The trail 6 was only opened in 2013 and is least explored till now.

These trails are a guaranteed great experience as you witness scenic views and see Islamabad like never before. The view from the top is always better and you can pick a spot for a nice little picnic on the top. Just make sure you do not litter the place and bring your trash back with you.

4. Rawal Lake

This lake is surrounded by a great park with trees, flowers and fun rides for your kids. It is a great picnic spot and also offers a wonderful view. It is an awesome spot to spend time with friends or your family. The park has a bird aviary and great amusement rides that kids can enjoy. Rawal park also has the best go-carting option in the twin cities.

5. Highland Resort & Country Club

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Highland Country Club – Islamabad

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Highland Resort is a very popular place these days. It is at a 40 minute drive from the main city and although it might seem long, the scenery is worth it. The road is steep and curling and will leave you breathless. Highland resort offers a great respite from the city life and you can take a day or two of just to relax here. It is a great way to spend quality time with friends and family and you must visit.