Reasons why Shahdag makes an ultimate Winter Holiday destination!

Where is Shahdag, on the map?

Presently not as popular as it should be, Shahdag resort, makes an ideal tourist location, packed with adventure and all sorts of activities for a perfect winter holiday! Shahdag is basically a mountain belonging to the Greater Caucus range, because of its high altitude the region experiences severe cold climate with snow, for most of the year. Shahdag resort is named after this mountain and is located in the northern district (Qusar) of Azerbaijan. It is a scarcely populated area, rich in nature, scenic beauty and fun winter activities.

My visit to Shahdag resort was short, consisting of a single day, only. However, without a doubt it was one of my most memorable and worthwhile experience, from the entire Azerbaijan venture. Here, I combine for you reasons, why you should visit Shahdag for a splendid winter holiday!

Awe-inspiring Natural beauty!

Shahdag with its extraordinary natural beauty and quiet surroundings, makes a flawless destination for a calm and relaxing winter holiday. As you sip from a warm cuppa’ under the bright sun and winter air, in Shahdag resort, you can gaze into stretches of nature’s eloquence. From ancient glaciers and lakes, to deep valleys, canyons and ecological troves of plants and animals. Even, on my short visit, I was deeply moved by the picturesque views Shahdag had to offer; completely opposite to what I had in mind for a snow-covered hill. My tour guides (Smileys tour) had arranged a cable car ride for my entertainment. I thoroughly enjoyed it, largely because through this ride, I got to witness the enchanting beauty of this region. Ahhh! it was phenomenal! Shahdag can practically provide a remedy for our anxious ‘city-life selves’, with its beguiling sceneries.

Name the winter sport

And you will have it! The geographical location of Shahdag, gives it an all-time winter climate but, it completely lacks the gloomy vibe. In fact, on bright sunny days you can forget about the snow and indulge yourself in all kinds of outdoor activities. The climate allows Shahdag resort, to cater winter sport activities from skiing to ice skating and horse riding. I could not manage to try any of these except for my cable car ride, which was equally enthralling. The resort also offers other activities like paintball, tubing and quad tours to spend quality time with friends and family.

Calm and Cosy evenings

Indeed, after a sporty day, you can enjoy a relaxing evening in Shahdag resort where the hosts serve you with warm and delicious food followed by Sheesha, in open space. The nights are quiet so, you have a great time watching the starry sky with some hot coffee and sheesha, while feeling the cool light breeze.  Ahhhh, this memory alone has drifted me into a reverie. It was truly an exotic experience.

Foodies have lots of options

Shahdag resort coddles you with just the right type of coffee and food, for a cold wintry place like it. Many cafes and restaurants are accommodated within the resort where you can eat from a variety of options. They have famous fast food chains, continentals and most of the national and traditional delicacies. I ate from a fast food café yet, the best part of the food was; the hosts knew very well how to serve their food, warm and good. It added to my exciting experiences in Shahdag and now the place has all my recommendations!

Azerbaijan is a must visit!

Shahdag is surely on top, of my Azerbaijan venture list, however the country has so much more to offer the tourist and travellers. It is a place rich in culture, traditions and heritage thus, I suggest all adventure seekers to visit Azerbaijan. It will surely be your big hit!

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