Getting Loan For Travelling: Yes or No?

Getting Loan For Travelling: Yes or No? 

Every person likes to travel at least once a year to a beautiful new place. It is good to travel around the world but one thing is for sure that you need money for it. With the prices of every product, we consume skyrocketing, saving money for travelling might be a little too difficult for most of us. A way to have the finances for travelling is to get a loan for it. 
Yes, it seems risky and irrational but it does work. People who take loans for travelling evaluate each and every risk and opportunity involved in it.
You might afford the initial price of the trip but maybe not the interest payments. Here are some tips to practice if you have decided to get a loan: 

Get Good With Budgeting 

You have to get good with numbers to make sure that you will be able to pay off your trip loan. We are going to give you some tips to make a good budget. You must make sure the amount you are lending is easily payable as soon as possible. 
It might seem easy to pick a 12-month loan payment plan for now, but it’s not. 
Firstly, it increases your interest payments. You will be paying a lot more than you got. Secondly, you are unsure of what the future holds for you. You have a secure job now but you never know what’s going to happen then. You are in good health now but what if you get seriously sick and need money for your treatment? 
Moreover, make sure that you are not getting a loan more than Rs. 100,000 in any case. You may be getting Rs. 100,000 but you will definitely be returning more than that. Other than that, make sure that since you are travelling on loan, choose hotels that are cheap, eat at hotels that are inexpensive and find places to visit that are closer to where your hotel is.

Plan For Local Areas 

This will be the best option if you are in dire need of escaping the city hustle as early as possible. Pakistan’s northern areas are as beautiful as any mountains in 
Switzerland. Browse for northern areas that you haven’t seen yet. Go beyond 
Murree. We suggest you go to Gilgit Baltistan, visit the beautiful valley and meet the people of Kailash and see with your own eyes the majestic Passu Cones. It will be a lifetime experience which will cost less than any international trip.

Go To a Neighboring Country 

If you have already seen Pakistan’s beautiful mountains and valleys and don’t want to revisit them, we suggest you go to a neighboring country. Firstly, Iran has some beautiful places to see. It might also become a spiritual journey for you there. Iran’s city Shiraz is as beautiful as any other place in the world. You can even experience snowfall if you go to Iran in winters. Other cities like Mash’had and Qom have tombs of famous spiritual leaders. Secondly, China might be an option to visit. There sure is a lot of cultural heritage and ancient history of Chinese there which is a lot different than ours. If you’re a travel foodie then what’s more exciting than trying out the authentic Chinese food from the streets of China. 

These are some ways on how to take full advantage of your travel loan without getting tense on neither paying back nor not being able to enjoy the trip as much. Comment below if you think we helped you plan your trip or got you to take a loan for it.


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