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Cheap Flights From Lahore Islamabad and Karachi to Dubai in 2020



If you are looking for cheap flights from Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi to Dubai in 2019 and cannot get into the hassle of browsing and comparing every flight and company, we are here for you. These are the best deal we could find for you



Emirates is one of the best airlines based in Dubai, UAE. It has many routes to and from Dubai that offer cheap flights from Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi to Dubai in 2019. Government of Dubai’s Investment Corporation of Dubai owns it. Over the years it has build up a good rapport between fellow competitors and customers. While travelling to Dubai from any city of Pakistan, travelers are allowed a total of 20kgs free with them. Any other extra luggage and its charges depend upon the routes and destinations of the flight.

Cheap Flights from Karachi to Dubai

Emirates offers cheapest flights to Dubai from Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. A trip to Dubai from Karachi will cost you nearly 250 USD with Emirates. 250 USD means around 39,000 PKR. This is definitely a cheaper and attractive offer with a minimal travelling cost. Moreover, since you are travelling with a reliable and renowned travel company the choice gets, even more, easier to make. Your ambiguities about travel experience and comfort are washed off if you decide to travel with Emirates.

Cheap Flights from Lahore to Dubai

However, from Lahore the return ticket will cost you around 450 USD which is 70,425 as per current date. If you are a budget-friendly traveler, we suggest that you take your flight from Karachi as it will save some bucks for you. If you plan to catch a plane to Dubai from Karachi while residing in Lahore, we suggest you to go either by bus or by train or any other suitable plus economical way.

Cheap Flights from Islamabad to Dubai

From Islamabad, your travel expense will cost you PKR 66,823. The prices may vary therefore you are advised to counter-check the prices thoroughly between Lahore and Islamabad. If due to any reason the flight from Lahore costs you double-digit gap, we recommend you getting a short road trip to Islamabad from Lahore. 


Pakistan International Airlines is the only and oldest airline of Pakistan. It is also owned by the government. The latter sentence is the reason why don’t often recommend taking a trip through them. They are at times offer a lot higher prices than their competitors with less or zero accommodations. In the past, they have shown poor performance in every department. However, as per our research, they are offering a standard and fairly less rate for flights to Dubai.

Cheap Flights from Karachi to Dubai

PIA return flight from Karachi of the economy class will cost you 45,500 PKR. Karachi is a metropolitan city and it’s the busiest airport in Pakistan. Therefore, you have better and cheap packages there.

Cheap Flights from Lahore to Dubai

PIA from Lahore airport will cost you around 53,500 PKR as per now. PIA is known to be expensive and sadly not accommodating. However, if you’re lucky and you book your tickets way ahead of time then you might be able to get a fairly reasonable package.

Cheap Flights from Islamabad to Dubai

PIA from Islamabad to Dubai currently will cost you 55,000. This might not be the best package as compared to others but it is still flying to Dubai. PIA is not the cheapest option but we suggest you to keep it in your options as your last resort.

ETIHAD Airways

Etihad is an Abu Dhabi based airline. It is the second largest airline of the United Arab Emirates. They have been listed countless times as the safest airline to travel. Their consistency, professionalism and customer care is top notch.

Cheap Flights from Karachi to Dubai

Etihad airways from Karachi offers three different packages to Dubai. They are deal, saver and classic deals that cost 23,014 PKR, 35,374 PKR and 29294 PKR respectively. This offer is by far the best offer we have evaluated for you. It not only offers cheap flights but also assures great hospitality.

Cheap Flights from Lahore to Dubai

Etihad Airways has different packages available for its potential customers. It costs you  37144 PKR  for saver package and 43,584 PKR for the classic package. Etihad not only offers cheap flights to Dubai but also offers the best hospitality. We highly recommend it!

Cheap Flights from Islamabad to Dubai

From Islamabad to Dubai you would have to pay 36,074 PKR and 45,024 PKR of saver and classic package to Etihad. The saver offer is not to be missed if you’re flying from Islamabad. You will have the best experience with the best prices with Etihad. Etihad is the best option for you to opt regardless of the city you are departing from.



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