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Reasons Why Travelling to Pakistan In 2019 Is A Must



Some people take Pakistan as a trip towards hell due to its struggle with war on terrorism. Islamophobia has deprived people to know how beautiful Pakistan is. Here are some reasons why travelling to Pakistan in 2019 will the best decision ever made:

1. Hospitality

People in Pakistan are very welcoming, friendly and hospitable. While travelling, most foreigners have said that the locals won’t let you pay for anything Good hospitality is not just in their culture but in their religion too. Moreover, people live a simpler life there. They find happiness in small things. Firstly, they love to live together as a big joint family. Secondly, they love sharing their food with as many people as they can. Other than that, while travelling in Pakistan you will definitely receive free food, living space, and souvenirs from the locals.

2. Beautiful Landscapes

Pakistan has the most beautiful landscapes in the world. It has five of the world’s highest mountains. Their iconic and breathtaking Passu cones, the highest peak in the world K2 and the valleys of Naran and Kaghan. All of these places look like they are a place from heaven. Travelling through the majestic Karakorum highway. The beautiful valleys of Kashmir, the lush greenery and beautiful local people with deep colored eyes is surely a sight to witness. It can take you more than a month to just visit the landscapes in the northern side of Pakistan.

Moreover, there are so many hidden and remote valleys enriched with culture in Pakistan. Especially the Kailash valley where there is a majority of non-Muslims who wear traditional long gowns, tie their long hair with braids. Every place has their own style of dance which is so fun to learn and their own unique musical instrument which is so soothing to the ears.

3. Travelling to Pakistan costs so less!

Yes, that’s right. Travelling is cheaper in Pakistan. This is mainly because of its economy. One American dollar is equal to 160 PKR in the present time. This means that stuff in Pakistan will definitely feel like cheaper to you more than the locals there. To get you an idea on this, you can rent a car for $30 per day and $15 for a bike. Public transport is even cheaper. You can literally travel a whole city on a bus in just 19 cents. It’s mind-boggling!

4. Pakistani Food

The food life in Pakistan is so flavorful. There are so many different varieties of food and flavor profiles that it will confuse you on what to order. They have Karahi packed with flavor which is meat cooked in different spices with onions and juicy tomatoes. There is sajji, lamb roast, kababs and so much more. Thankfully, most of the times the locals are happy to guide you on what kind of food you should order. Moreover, if you are eating with a local the chances are they will not let you pay. Even if you are buying anything from the locals, they insist you take it for free.

Other than that, every region has their own special food which can be found on almost every corner of the road. Even the most consumed beverage in Pakistan tea, has different varieties in the country. There are big food streets in different cities of Pakistan.

However, if you start missing home or have weird sushi cravings you will find it there. This is because Pakistan is not the desert or that highly backward country you thought it is. It has different international food chains like McDonald’s, KFC, P.F Chang’s and many more.

5. Different cultures

Pakistan’s culture is very diverse. People from Afghanistan, India, Persia, South, Central and Western Asia have migrated here from time to time. People differ from each other in features, customs, foods, blood lineage histories and of course music. There are major 15 groups with different ethnicity there. Women from Kailash Valley wear a long gown with different beads including a mirror in it. Sindhi people have a unique pattern called Ajrak, whereas Punjabis wear simple comfortable Shalwar Kameez.

Hence, Pakistan can be your dream destination if you read enough about it.


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