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Three Amazing Things about Dubai Frame Tower

dubai frame

Have you ever been awestruck by art that shows you all the three periods of life it has seen; past, present, and future? I mean, what are the chances, right? Here we discuss three amazing facts about the Dubai Frame tower that will definitely want you to take its tour.

1.  It’s the Biggest Picture Frame to Ever Exist on the Planet

Opened in January 2018, Dubai Frame was one such mesmerizing architecture that showed its viewers all the time periods of the country. Described as the biggest Picture Frame on the planet by “The Guardians” the frame shows modern Dubai like Burj Khalifa and Emirates Tower on one side and older parts of the city such as Deira and Karama on the other side. The frame that goes up to 150 meters high and 93 meters wide stands tall as an architectural landmark in Zabeel Park, Dubai.

2.  It’s exterior is inspired by Dubai EXPO 2020


The exterior of the frame is inspired by the logo of Dubai EXPO 2020, representing future. The circles represent 4000 years of the city’s history and that is what the frame stands for. As His Highness, Sheikh Mohammad himself said about the EXPO logo that “This is our message to the world that our civilization has deep roots… over 4,000 years ago, the people who lived in this land had a deep creative spirit and today the people of this country are building the nation’s future for centuries to come.”


3. It’s the Museum of both the Past and the Future

The frame consists of two transparent glass towers connected by a bridge on the top, giving a clear view of the city. The ground floor of the frame includes a museum that tells a story of the development of the city. The museum puts up an act that takes the visitors on a journey through time and history of Emirates. By the means of the latest presentation and 3D images, it feels like you’re walking through the old city where Dubai was far away from witnessing the economic boom.


Dubai frame museum


After this, the visitors are taken to the second experience on the sky-deck level where the present era of Dubai can be seen from all sides. Augmented reality and activated screens enhance the visitors experience.

dubai frame

The future Dubai gallery is next on the list. The gallery shows 50 years from now into Dubai’s future. The experience is no doubt surreal!

The frame outlines the city and shows brilliant work of LED lights setup by Signify and Tryka at night.

Dubai frame tower, since its opening in 2018 has been proven to make you fall in love with the city even more. It forms a significant attraction for visitors, tourists, and residents alike and will leave you wonder-struck by every bit of art within its glass walls.

Top Five Public Beaches in Dubai, you can’t miss

Dubai Beach

Ah, what a sight! A pleasant summer day! The sun is right above our heads but is also somewhat hidden in the clouds, so we don’t feel too hot. It’s the perfect temperature. I see families everywhere, and I’m there with mine, too. The seawater touches our feet every once a bit, and almost everybody is playing around with it. You know how it feels when the waves play tag with you, and oh! the feeling of moist sand beneath your feet! The whole experience is dreamlike.

This is how I felt on every beach I visited in Dubai and with an experience like this I found my favorite holiday spots. Dubai has many beaches, but most of them belong to private hotels, here we have compiled for you a list of some of the best beaches in Dubai. Where you can hangout, have a time of your life, with little or no fee at all.

1.  Jumeirah Beach Park

Jumeirah Beach is one of the most sought-after beaches in Dubai. Being awarded as the “Blue Flag Beach” and adhering to the international standards, has made itself ‘public’s favorite’. The beach provides many facilities including 24 hours of life-guarding and sports facilities. It seemed like to be the favorite picnic spot of the residents and the best part for me, as a bookworm, was to find free books that I could borrow from the library unit on the beach! How cool is that?
The golden sand, palm trees, and small greeny-grassy areas alongside the sound of small waves of water painted a perfect picture of my most ideal, and soothing daydream. The beach also has a park near it, Jumeriah Beach Park, which has cafes, children play areas and a beach garden.

2. Al Mamzar Beach Park

It is the second beach in Dubai to be awarded the status of Blue Flag Beach. It covers a massive area, and its most distinguishing feature is that it has five outstretched beaches in coves around the park. All of them have excellent facilities from watchtowers to food spots, to children’s playgrounds and amphitheaters. The park has an amazing ambiance and each beach is well maintained and well looked after. The park also has two very large swimming pools for people who find it difficult to trust the water of the sea. It’s a safer option because the water currents on this beach are usually a little high. Overall, the beach surpasses international standards and is, therefore, a desirable place for a family picnic.

3. Umm Suqeim Beach (Sunset Beach)

Right beside the Burj Al-Arab is a stretch of soft white sand that has become Dubai’s most popular sight to view the sunset. The beach can become really busy after the sun settles over the ocean giving a magnificent view of itself along with Dubai’s most beautiful skyscraper Burj Al-Arab, the setting forms a background for a perfect picture.

The beach is also well equipped with facilities like changing rooms, shower facilities, etc. There are also plenty of cafes around the beach but its best to take your own snacks for a fun picnic. Try to visit the beach in the morning time or on weekdays to avoid overcrowding.

4. Kite Beach

The name gives it away, doesn’t it? This is the most playful beach in Dubai and is the best place to forget about all your worries and enjoy some playing around. The beach offers multiple non-aqua sports including, volleyball, soccer, kite surfing, etc. The beach attracts people who enjoy the hustle and bustle of it. The beach also has a running track and provides a stunning and a calming view. Though, it does not offer many facilities, so don’t forget to bring your own towels, sunblock, mats, etc.

5. La Mer Beach

Opened in October 2015, La Mer Beach is the newest in Dubai’s list of beaches. The beach covers an impressive area of 13.4 million square feet. An interesting thing is you can choose between a North and South beach. La Mer Beach is best known for its seacoast restaurants, cafes ice, cream parlors, and bars. The coastline beautifully extends just outside the restaurants, and you can enjoy the majestic view while having dinner on an outdoor terrace of one of these eateries.
The beach promises a passionate and sentimental experience with your loved ones. And trust me when I say this, La Mer Beach provides a perfect date spot.

international students Scholarships in Germany 2020 and 2021


As a perfect goal for universal understudies, Germany offers the absolute best conditions to seek after a degree and appreciate a bona fide German experience. There are various reasons why Germany causes a to go to goal for unfamiliar understudies, beginning with the way that it is really spending benevolent. In contrast with other examination goals outside of Europe, living in Germany as a universal understudy comes at a lower cost. Be that as it may, living in an unfamiliar nation while being far away from home methods you should have ideal aptitudes in budgetary administration.

It has been evaluated that the living expenses in Germany are around 853€ every month. Since this can end up being a test for worldwide understudies, various projects offer understudies the chance to be granted with money related help as a grant. Beneath we have recorded accessible grants for global understudies in Germany which you may discover helpful.


1. DAAD Scholarship Programs 2020 and 2021

DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) or the German Academic Exchange Service is a joint association of Germany’s advanced education organizations, capable in advancing universal scholarly relations. They center around the trading of understudies, scholastics, and analysts offering grants and subsidizing to unfamiliar understudies, graduate understudies, and researchers in Germany.

The DAAD grants are granted to understudies who need to get a capability in a full-time course of study. The candidates ought to have finished their Bachelor certificate not more than over the most recent 6 years and they ought to have in any event two years of demonstrated work understanding. The allowance measure of the DAAD grant is 850€ month to month for postgraduate understudies and 1,200€ month to month for doctoral understudies.


2. Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarships in Germany 2020 and 2021

The Heinrich Böll Foundation grants roughly 1,200 grants per year to yearning students, graduates, and doctoral understudies everything being equal and nationalities. These understudies ought to be seeking after their degree at the state or state-perceived colleges in Germany. Grant receipts are relied upon to have extraordinary scholastic records and be strategically and socially drew in, while indicating enthusiasm for values like nature, supportability, majority rule government, human rights, self-assurance just as equity.

Non-EU understudies in their Masters’s studies will get 850€ every month, notwithstanding singular recompenses (education costs may be conceivable). EU understudies of a similar degree of study will get 649€ in addition to 300€ book cash every month. It is granted for the normal time of study with the chance of augmentation by one semester.

Ph.D. understudies originating from nations outside of the EU, then again, will get 1,200€ every month, notwithstanding 100€ portability remittance every month and other individual stipends (barring education costs). Ph.D. understudies originating from the EU will get 1,350€ every month, in addition to 100€ examination costs recompense (barring education costs). The grant is granted for a long time with the chance of expansion twice significantly a year.


3. DeutschlandStipendium National Scholarship Program

The Deutschlandstipendium offers budgetary help to aspiring and scholastically extraordinary understudies from all sides of the world. It underpins understudies at all taking part in colleges in Germany without mulling over somebody’s nationality, individual, or parent pay. The grant is made conceivable through open private cooperation where organizations, establishments, or people support understudies with an aggregate of 150€ every month while the Federal Government adds another 150€ to that sum. This grant is granted by the colleges, which means candidates are required to meet the necessities of individual establishments.

The grant is granted for two semesters yet it might likewise be substantial for the time which covers the standard time of the study. After two semesters, the college audits the understudy despite everything that meets the grant rules, all together for private subsidizing to continue. Tutoring programs, organizing occasions, just as temporary positions will likewise be accessible through this grant.


4. Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarships in Germany for International Students

Understudies with better than expected scholastic accomplishments with a distinct fascination for legislative issues are qualified to apply for the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarship. This grant program plans to advance unfamiliar understudies and doctoral up-and-comers who have effectively finished their undergrad concentrates in their nation of origin. This grant is accessible for understudies needing to finish a postgraduate, doctorate, or exploration program. Need will be given to understudies of PhD up-and-comers from creating nations or nations that are experiencing political change.

Ace and postgraduate understudies will get a measure of 850€ month to month for a long time. Doctoral applicants and the individuals who come to Germany for research purposes will get a month to month measure of 1,100€ for a long time. Education costs can be repaid up to 500€ per semester (just courses identified with the examination/doctoral undertaking). Through these grants, intercultural discoursed and global systems get elevated so as to build up the relations between the nations of origin and the Federal Republic of Germany.



5. Erasmus Scholarship Programs in Germany

Erasmus is additionally a shrewd decision for worldwide understudies meaning to partake in a full-time study program in Germany. As an EU-wide award subsidized by the part conditions of the European Union, Erasmus offers money related help for one year trade periods for global understudies at colleges in Germany. With the end goal for you to get the grant to Germany, you ought to be selected at an advanced education establishment and both your home college just as the German college more likely than not marked the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.

The majority of the significant colleges in the EU take an interest in the Erasmus plot, with German colleges taking an interest in various examination programs supported by Erasmus Mundus and Erasmus+ grants. The awards will cover the enlistment, travel, just as essential living expenses. You can locate the total rundown of Erasmus Mundus ace seminars on the Erasmus list. You can look for courses directed in Germany.





Travel Guide; Best Things to Do in Dubai 2020

Best things in Dubai 2020

Either you have just found out that you have a quest to explore or if you’re an expert traveler who is just new to the notion of Dubai-ng, then you have come to the right place to seek the secrets behind the best things to do in Dubai 2020.

Dubai, the land of gold, is known for its luxurious lifestyle and the breathtaking skyscrapers. It homes the world’s tallest building and provides a complete fun-filled package for your holiday getaway. From the moment you leave the airport till the moment you get back on your airplane, you’ll feel like you’re living the dream of your life.
Dubai provides everything from camel-riding to desert safari, from cultural heritage to the urban architectures. Belly dancing, dancing fountains at the Burj Khalifa, and what not? Mind if I mention Dubai Expo 2020? Well, I shouldn’t!
Let me take you on a virtual “written” tour of Dubai, where you’ll find the best things to do in Dubai 2020.

1. Sight-Seeing Burj Dubai and the Musical Fountain 

Let’s start with the most legendary Burj Khalifa and the world’s largest musical fountain. This furious, 160 story building, proudly holds the title of the world’s tallest and one of the most famous buildings. It hardly ever flaunts it though. Well, who are we kidding! Have you seen it light up on all the big events? It even wished the Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan on his birthday with its phenomenal musical fountain show for crying out loud. The good news is you can always catch up on the fountain’s musical show every day after 6 pm in the evening!

2. Visiting Dubai Mall

A tourist attraction where it’s up to you whether to spend your money or not. That is interesting…no? Equipped with the most outstanding facilities, this world’s largest shopping center is a must to visit even if you don’t buy anything. Along with more than 1300 stores, the mall has one of the largest aquarium, virtual reality indoor theme parks, and it’s own waterfall! How cool is that?
The mall also has large screen cinemas, TONS of indoor activities, ice-skating rinks, and oh, the list will never stop.

If you are a crazy shopaholic, one of the best things about this mall, is that the mall caters to budget and needs of every person who is there to shop. You’ll find brands that are cheap and also brands that will require you to spend your entire bank balance to buy just one thing (pun intended).

It is best to visit the mall when you have free time on your hand and when you don’t really plan to buy something because otherwise, all the entertainment will rather be a distraction.

3. Desert Safaris and BBQs

If you get tired of all the urban lights, you can always escape to the slow and soft life of the desert. Experiencing the sunset, camel-riding, or sand-boarding on the four-wheeler will take all your worries of the urban-life away.  You can also just rest in one place, soak the sun in on the cushions of Bedu tents, and enjoy the Dune dinner with spicy BBQs.

4. Walking barefoot on Jumeriah Beach

If you’re a sun-seeker looking to visit a calm place where you can take advantage of the low tides of the water, then this is the place for you. All of Dubai’s beaches have always adhered to the international standards, but this one right here has gotten a status of “Blue Flag Beach” for its excellent facilities and powerful management. The beach provides all sorts of activities, from 24/7 life-guarding to children play areas but, the most comforting thing you can do on this beach is walk barefoot, as they say, if you are not barefoot on the beach, then you’re overdressed! 

The white sand beneath your feet with turquoise colored water splashing with your skin is the most amazing combination of sun, sea, and sand.

5. Visit Dubai Expo 2020-21

If you’re visiting Dubai this year, then there is no way you’re missing the fuss about Dubai Expo 2020.  Now, like me, you might be wondering what it is? Well, Dubai in 2013 won bids to host this expo which will start in October 2021 and will go on for six months.

The expo will hold large exhibitions from countries from around the world where they will showcase their achievements in Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability. The theme this year is Connecting Minds, Creating the Future and Dubai is doing some extraordinary work to make this an attractive tourist site.

Top 5 best places to visit in 2020

places to visit in 2020

2020 & Tourism

With 2020 approaching, the tourism industry had great expectations of reaching new horizons. However, the unprecedented corona-virus pandemic, led things to take a completely different toll. In March 2020 majority of the countries went into a total lock-down, and since then the tourism sector around the world is being affected.

Tourism is gradually coming back!

Yes! The good news is that, this pandemic is gradually gaining a downward trend. Countries have eventually learnt how to cope up with this noxious virus and while taking essential precautionary measures, we are slowly heading to a new norm. Thereof, a lot of countries are considering to reopen tourism activity. In fact, the tourism dependent economies are making attempts to repair and boost their tourist sectors. By offering travel subsidies and forming associations to minimize the risks of covid-19 infections. International flights carrying tourists and visitors are now being welcomed in a lot of countries. So, your ultimate tour guide is here with a list of places you can visit in 2020, if you are planning a vacation trip.

Top 5 places for tourists, in 2020

Number 5: Italy

best places to visit in 2020

We are all aware of how badly Italy got hit by the pandemic, experiencing one of the longest and most strict lock-downs. Fortunately, it is now in recovery stage and progressively approaching a new norm. While shops began to operate since May; cafes, restaurants and bars have also begun to resume their functions since June. Italy’s economy is heavily dependent on tourism hence, the country is now allowing tourists to travel in and out of it. Further, making efforts to attract tourists, the Italian islands of Sicily are offering subsidized travel package and free stay at their hotel for one night.


Number 4: Spain

best places to visit in 2020


Spain being next on list of severely affected countries by Covid-19, after Italy is also recovering from the blow. It has reopened its borders for travelers and tourists. Indeed, Spain plans to return with a BANG! It is coming up with extraordinary ideas to promote domestic as well as international tourism activity. The foreign Minister of Spain announced in early June to reopen for international tourists in July and ensured that highest standards of health safety will be followed. Ending his speech on this note: “We look forward to welcoming you!”


Number 3: Dubai

Dubai Frame


Dubai officially opened for visitors and tourists on 7th July. Under some strict precautionary policies to maintain safety and health. Dubai is now finally welcoming tourists and travelers from around the world. So, if you plan on visiting Dubai, check out my other blog, you will find everything you need to know for your travel trip to Dubai.


Number 2: Greece

Greece reopened for tourists on June 15th. Being successfully able to slow down the spread of novel corona-virus. It has issued policies to minimize in accordance including. All travelers coming from high risk areas are required to get tested for COVID-19, 72 hours prior to their visit. Furthermore, Greek government has temporarily cut value added taxes on modes of transportation to boost tourism.


Number 1: Turkey

places to visit in 2020

Turkey is another exemplary country that successfully coped with the spread of Covid-19. It has been welcoming tourists since June. The country launched an internationally recognized certification system through which it has classified tourist destinations and businesses as ‘corona free zones.’ While tourists entering the country have to provide evidence for being Covid-19 negative, Turkey is sure to become the most popular tourist destination of 2020, by late summer.


Well, these are the top 5 countries that have reopened their borders and are welcoming tourists with whole new enthusiasm. As gradually things are getting better with this pandemic, we hope tourism will soon return to its original glory!

Dubai’s COVID-19 travel update: All you need to know!


Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall

Need to visit Dubai?

Good news! Dubai travel restrictions have eased. Since the announcement by Dubai authorities, on Sunday, 5th July. Visitors and tourists are now allowed to travel to Dubai while following additional guidelines. The flights officially commenced on 7th July whereas those taking passengers from Dubai already begun from 23rd June. So now you can travel, if you have been planning to visit Dubai but there are certain obligatory prescriptions that you need to consider before your take-off.

Your Dubai entry essentials!Cheap Flights

Along with your visa entry permit, you will have to sign a ‘Health Declaration form’ and a ‘Quarantine form’ before boarding into your plane for Dubai. The health declaration form is to ensure you are healthy and not a carrier or victim of COVID-19. However, if you display any symptoms for COVID-19, the airlines reserve the right to deny your entry. Furthermore, by signing the quarantine form you will agree to bear all costs of quarantine and treatment if needed. You will have to submit both the forms to a Dubai Health Authority personal, upon your arrival on Dubai airport. Further, you will have to register your details and update your health status on the COVID-19 DXB App.

Testing for COVID-19

Further indispensable measures include, providing a PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test results certificate. This test must be taken 4 days or 46 hours before, you are scheduled to fly to Dubai. Once you land in Dubai, along with the usual thermal screening and check for COVID-19 symptoms you shall provide the COVID-19 result certificate. In case you do not have your PCR test results, don’t worry the airport authorities will take your test. However, you will be instructed to remain in quarantine at your own residence until the test results arrive. If the results come positive you will be further prescribed to remain in isolation according to the Dubai Health Authority guidelines.

Dos and don’ts for your flight to Dubai!

Though travel restrictions have been lifted in Dubai, traveling can still be dangerous owing to the pandemic situation. Therefore, here is a list of things you need to keep in mind while travelling in this pandemic, and specifically when travelling to Dubai.

  • You may travel anywhere but make sure the airline you choose is approved to travel in and out of Dubai
  • Make sure to update yourself on the health regulations of the country you are visiting i.e Dubai
  • Take into account the additional pandemic measures very seriously! For example; getting yourself tested for COVID-19 or observing a period of quarantine. In accordance with the policy of the country you are visiting
  • Observe social distancing and take all necessary precautionary measures during your travel and stay in Dubai

Wondering now, if its safe to travel to Dubai?Dubai Frame showing of its LED work

Well glad to tell you it is safe! Considering you are careful and fully prepared on your part before-hand. Since the COVID-19 situation occurred in March, Dubai government imposed strict measures right away to minimize the spread. Though positive cases are still being reported but generally the situation is now under control. Gradually, life in Dubai is resuming towards a norm. Restaurants, shops and hotels are opened with social distancing regulations. Most of the tourist attractions have  also reopened for visiting.

Travelling with Traveller trek, the app

traveller trek

Need an app for your travelling needs?

Traveller trek has got you covered! We have launched a new app solely to meet your socializing needs as you hit the road. An app designed to connect you with a traveller community that shares the same interests as yours. The next time you think about sharing your travel experiences, I am glad to tell, you won’t have to think twice!

This blog post highlights the basic features of this go-to travelling app, you can download it from ‘playstore’ to get a real-time experience of what it has to offer.


Nothing better than Familia!

We at traveller trek aim to build a traveller community where you feel comfortable and belonged. A family that truly understands what it takes to be passionate a traveller. And whom you can always rely on for advice, in a strange new place. A community that is there to guide you to the best tourist spots and activities to make your travel experiences worthwhile!



Feel like your photography skills aren’t appreciated?

Well not anymore! We at traveller trek are photographers too and we know the effort it takes to get a perfect shot! Thus, we have created traveller trek app as a platform where photographers and travellers like you can share their master pieces without hesitation. Bearing in mind their hard work will be cherished. You can easily upload your high-quality shots and share with an audience who can recognise the struggle behind it!


Every moment matters!

Being a traveller, you come across so many things that you feel the need to capture, save or share. Yet, only a few images make it to an iconic profile of a photographer. We have come up with a solution! With the traveller trek app you can easily share the moments as you go, through our ‘story feature’. That allows you to separately share and even save your day ventures as your traverse and explore new stuff.


Socialize like never before!

Indeed! Traveller trek is not just a travelling app, it is a great place to connect, socialize and make friends that share similar interests as yours. The ‘news feed feature’ of this app allows you to stay updated on what’s new in the travelling world. Also, it helps you connect with your traveller friends and keep track of their ventures! :p


A safe keeper!

We know what it takes to be traveller and we care about the memorable experiences you have. Therefore, we have designed our app to hold a special feature of ‘travel diaries’ where you can write your travel experiences and share if you want. Your memories will always be safe with us!



Have fun exploring the world!

Make your travel experiences a lot more fun with our traveller trek app. As we try to accommodate your needs, we are open to all your suggestions. You can download the app from the link below and let us know about your experience using it.

The basics you need to know about Health insurance policy

health insurance

 What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a form of coverage that assures the medical and surgical expenses applied on an individual, who has access to this insurance. The healthcare provider i.e. clinic, hospital, doctor or pharmacy are referred to as the ‘provider’.  Whereas, the individual who holds access to the health insurance coverage, is termed as ‘insured’. The main idea behind the insurance policy agreement is to provide the insured individual cashless (all expenses covered) medical treatment in case of an emergency where the insured falls ill or is afflicted with an accident that leads to hospitalization or urgent medical intervention.


Why do you need Health insurance?

Health insurance can play an imperative role during medical emergencies. Buying health insurance coverage for yourself and your family can save you from the trouble of medical treatment inflation in tough times or situations. Receiving healthcare services can be expensive and even more costly in the private sector. Therefore, if a sudden medical emergency takes place where you or your loved one requires immediate medical assistance. The Hospitalization and treatment cost can potentially derail your finances or put you in debt. To avoid such circumstances, it is better to invest a small amount annually, that could save you the financial troubles amidst such medical crisis.


How a Health insurance policy works?

A good insurance policy covers expenses from routine doctors’ consultations, medical tests, ambulance charges, hospitalization and sometimes even the medical facilities acquired during the recovery period. Depending on the type of insurance policy opted, the insured could either pay the due cost of medical treatment from his own pocket and receive a reimbursement. Or the insurer makes the due payment directly to the healthcare provider. Furthermore, health insurance policies come with short term and long-term plans, in accordance with the employment type and status of an individual.


Advantages of being ‘Insured’

A Health insurance policy intervenes as a saviour in times of medical emergencies when the insured individual is afflicted by an unfortunate event. The insurance covers for their entire treatment and medical expenditure without any hassle. The policy includes medical check-ups, transportation cost, pre and post hospitalization charges up to a period of 60 days. Moreover, the health insurance also provides tax benefits and no claim bonuses according to the type of insurance plan purchased.


The right Health insurance policy!

Most of the insurance companies provide similar health insurance plans. However, to select the best plan that suits your needs, you should pay particular attention to minimum age of entry and renewability claim, sum assurance, inclusion and exclusion policy and other benefits, before you go on to purchase your Health Insurance.

What to expect on a trip to Azerbaijan?


A fusion of history and culture!

Indeed! As I landed in the cold white plains of Azerbaijan on January 20th, 2020. The palpable aura of rich culture and traditions caught my attention, right from the beginning. I began to have lots of expectations from this place and was looking forward to an adventurous time.

Plan and Conquer – basics of travel!

I had already booked a local apartment, not too far from the airport, through ‘Air-bnb’. After resting-in for a while, hunger befell upon me like anything and my food hunt began. Yet, with little options to decide from, I ended-up eating MacDonalds. This provoked my decisive abilities! With no intentions to experience the same unpreparedness as in my food decision, I spent the night searching about places to visit in Azerbaijan. Fortunately, with  help from ‘Google maps’ I was able to identify and make a list of all nearby tourist spots.

Travel venture Begins!

As morning approached, I got ready and left my apartment early, in pursuit of my adventurous day.  I chose to visit, ‘Nizami street, also known as Azerbaijan’s Paris. A rich, posh area, which has a French inspired architecture. The street is lined with clubs, bars, themed cafes, malls, and live music entertainers. It took me a while touring the entire place, until it was time to satisfy my hunger! I went to have lunch in one of the street cafes – Café Hardrock, where the food was exceptional. Considering my physical activity for the day, that café was like a heaven on Earth!

Traversing Baku City!

Luckily, during my tour of Nizami street, I came across ‘Smiley’s tours’, a superb tourist center. They took upon themselves to plan for the rest of my tours in Azerbaijan. So, my second day was allocated for City tour of Baku– a traverse through culture and heritage. I began with visiting Crystal hall, followed by the Heyder enclave and Flame tower; which were beautiful monumental sites. Then,, I was taken to a historic site in Yardaan, where I visited an extraordinary Fire temple which was surrounded by mud volcanoes on the outskirts. From there I was headed to the famous Bibi Heybat Mosque. It was quite a sensational experience touring these heritage sites and truly an escapade of a day!

Venturing in Shahdag!

Third day in Azerbaijan, I began to like the place and already felt accustomed to its ways. Simley’s tour had arranged my visit to Shahdag resort, located in the greater Caucus mountainous range in Azerbaijan. It was a three-hour drive from my staying location. A car came to pick me up from my apartment early in the morning and we left at 8. After the long drive, we halted at Shahdag mountain resort, surrounded by snow and mountains. The resort entertained me with an enthralling cable car ride. I consider myself lucky for having witnessed the astonishing beauty of those snow peeked mountains, IT WAS TERRIFIC! Later, with a meal and shisha in open space, it was all what I needed for a phenomenal day!

Check out this Blog to find out why Shahdag makes an ultimate winter holiday destination.

Azerbaijan – a place of wonders

Azerbaijan, being a blend of tradition, heritage and modernity makes an ultimate travel destination. If you are planning your next vacation, it should be to Azerbaijan! It is the most cheapest country with exceptional tourist locations. From mosques, fortresses and temples to extraordinary landscapes, it has to offer you quite a travel experience.

People and Food!

The local food in Azerbaijan is a combination of eastern and western cuisines. Which makes it quite unique and a must try!  To add-on, the people of Azerbaijan are super nice and hospitable however, there is a tiny problem of communication, as most are not too fond of English. If you can find yourself a local guide who knows English, then it’s not much of an issue. Nevertheless, Azerbaijani’s are welcoming and always ready to help around. Hence, this country has my recommendation for all those explorers out there!


The city inside brick walls – Old Baku

old baku

The ancient city of Azerbaijan

Baku is one of the oldest city in Azerbaijan famous for its diverse architecture and landscape. You can expect to be travelling through historic streets at one moment which suddenly transitions to modern buildings and architecture, across a five-lane highway!

My visit to Azerbaijan in January 2020, included my two-day exploring venture in the old city of Baku. A beautiful place, rich in culture and heritage sites, hidden inside a fort (well that’s the kind of feeling it gives! :D). Huge walls built on the shores of the great Caspian Sea, surrounds the city enclosing a colorful yet charming world inside. Old Baku locally known as Icheri Sheher – inner city makes up the historic heart of the city. It has quite a small population but is inhabited from centuries and it is from here the rest of the modern Baku city grew.

Here is a motion lapse video of my tour in Old Baku city!

The Tower at Guard!

I am not trying to create a war scene from Hellenic era :p but It pretty much felt like a walk through history. I was living in central Baku city which was approximately 7 – 10 km away from Old Baku. With a thing for rain and my first days in a touring country (Dubai Travel diaries) my long list of things to do, was cut to ‘visiting Maiden tower’, only. This, centuries’ old tower, casts its shadow over the ancient city of Baku and guards it from the Caspian Sea. A strange thing I found about this tower is that: nobody knows the true purpose of its construction. Yet, over time, legends and stories have collected which makes it a queer and interesting place to visit!



old baku
Maiden Tower

A circular, stone staircase runs inside the tower which can be climbed for spectacular views of the old city up to the sea. Who knew amidst the rain and clouds the place looked even more attractive? I thoroughly enjoyed the views and couldn’t wait to discover more of its surrounding places!

A stroll inside the fort!

After the pouring,the following day was bright and sunny, with a clear blue sky. It was a perfect winter day to stroll the streets of old Baku city. You know you have come to the right place as soon as huge walls made of pale, sun-bleached bricks, come into your sight. That’s where your journey begins on foot! With my camera in-hand I set on to my voyage of discovering the inside of this fort city!

I immediately sensed rich culture and incredible history as I entered! For, inside the brick walls lied cobblestone streets lined with art, tons of traditional and heritage shops, themed cafes, local street food stalls, and boutique houses. The place had an exotic aura and I already began to vibe along!

The Vibe!

Traditional art

Though the city may seem small, enclosed inside huge walls. It is in fact a charming old city, stocked with traditional flair and winding alleys. You can easily get lost here but a good thing! The place gets lots of tourists, so if you get lost, you can always find a guide to navigate your way out. The city pavements are a display of profound art (of every kind!). From paintings, statues, handmade jewelry, and clothes to traditional and modern music. Locals’ chants, fill the air as you pass-by different stalls. Many are seen to be indulged in a unique board game, which makes up a vital entertainment of old Baku.


Street food & dried fruits

The street food in old Baku city is marvelous! Largely, because it is a mixture of European, Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. And also, because it is so CHEAP! The good-natured locals offer you to taste around and try, before you buy something to eat. Added, the streets are specked with stalls of dried fruit produce which look so appealing to the eye. You just can’t help but try!

A lady chef making a traditional platter

Themed cafes & Restaurants

Just east of the old Baku city, a number of cafes are located, and they are not just ordinary cafes. Each of them stands out either known for a special delicacy or it is a full themed café representing art, culture or even history of the region. And inside these cafes, food is cooked and served in their usual traditional ways.


If you are crazy about cars, old Baku city is a place for you! Its streets are loaded with cars of all sorts from high-end sports cars to fancy and vintage mustangs. The locals also conduct a car show, where people from different backgrounds come to exhibit their cars. AHHH! The feeling of traversing among these beauties! :p

Final words!

I really enjoyed my short visit to the old Baku city. It was a unique experience walking amidst history and culture. The old traditions might have died in the rest of the city and perhaps the country, but they remain preserved in this walled city!