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Top Best Hotels In Karachi 2019

Karachi, the city that never sleeps. A city where every culture exists. Karachi is the epitome of vast cultural diversity of Pakistan. The city will attract you towards itself with different and amazing offers. It invites you to experience exotic delicious foods, business and job opportunities, bazaars and not to forget the beautiful serene coast side. Here are six finest, exotic and best hotel in Karachi to make your trip more memorable and perfect in no particular order

Karachi Marriott Hotel

Opposite to Frere Hall and Park, Marriott Hotel is a Five Star hotel that has so much to offer to its valuable customers. It is one of best hotel in Karachi. A single night in this hotel will cost you a standard 120 USD per night. They offer complimentary Buffet breakfast, Continental breakfast, Full American breakfast and Hot breakfast. Similarly, other restaurants within the hotel in Karachi are also available with casual and formal setup. Moreover, the hotel has a fitness club indoor and outdoor with different timings. The hotel offers you different discount points if you have their membership. Specific discounts to army or government personnel, corporate, senior and group discount are also redeemable.

1. Movenpick Hotel

The previous Sheraton Hotel in Karachi is now Movenpick Hotel. It is a five star hotel in Karachi with remarkable business, dining and leisure facilities. The hotel is just 17 kms away from Jinnah International Airport. However, a single night at Movenpick can cost 100 USD with breakfast and 90 USD without breakfast. Although, it is market competitive price, it can be availed by upper class only. Moreover, they also offer a $20 restaurant gift card and free WiFi if you directly book a room from them.

Lastly, as a bonus key advice, we suggest you to get the booking with breakfast as you will not regret doing so.

2. Pearl Continental Karachi

Pearl Continental has spread almost everywhere in Pakistan. It has five star hotels in eleven cities of Pakistan. One night stay at Pearl Continental Karachi costs about 100 USD or more approximately. It is located at Club Road, Civil Lines which is at the heart of city. It’s a tall beautiful building standing in the middle of the city. It has easy access to Karachi’s every prime locations.

3. Avari Towers Karachi

Avari Towers is only fifteen kilometers away from Jinnah International airport. The staff is very professional, friendly and understanding there. A complimentary pick up from the airport is available too. You can hold meetings there. Moreover, fine dining restaurants, gym facilities and excellent suites are available. The suites can cost 95 to 110 USD per night. They offer amazing hotel room view, large swimming pool and lush green gardens.

4. Ramada Plaza Karachi

Ramada Plaza Karachi is also one of the best ones in Karachi. Like every other competitor, they offer suites, rooms, gym membership and banquets. It is a large international network in hospitality industry. A single stay at Ramada Plaza Karachi for business room will cost you Rs. 14,500 including tax. Moreover, they arrange different events like Halloween, summer camp, cricket tournament etc. Hence, there is always something planned for you to enjoy at Ramada Plaza.

Conclusively, these are the best hotels in Karachi where you can spend your time with the best of everything. However, these prices are higher than any other hotel that does not hold four stars in the hospitality industry. A budget friendly customer will find it hard to stay at such luxurious hotels.  You can book your stays at one of these hotels if you want to enjoy the best hospitality available in the city. Comment below to share your experience of above mentioned hotels if you’ve ever been to one.





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