Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions


The following terms and conditions solely state and explain the rules and regulations of the Traveller Trek’s Website.

In order to use the Traveller Trek’s website, you must agree to the stated terms and conditions, however, you must refrain from using this website if you do not agree to the below-mentioned terms and conditions.

The various terminologies which are displayed in the content of Traveller Trek’s website are mentioned below. These terminologies also apply to the following Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer Notice, Privacy Statement and various Agreements. The terminologies i.e. “We”, “Our”, “Company”, “Us”, “Ourselves” refer to the company, Traveller Trek. The terms i.e. “Parties”, “Party”, “Us” refer to the clients and the company, or only the clients or the company.

All terms and conditions allude to the offer, acknowledgment and the process of payment, which are important to embrace procedure of our help to the Client in the most proper way, regardless of whether by formal gatherings a fixed span, or some other methods, for the express motivation behind gathering the Client’s needs in regard arrangement of the Company’s services and products, as per and subject to law. Any utilization of the above phrasing or different words in the particular, plural, or potentially he/she or they, are taken as exchangeable and in this way as alluding to same.



By coming to Traveller Trek’s site and using it, you agree to the use of cookies, in accordance to the privacy policy of Traveller Trek. The greater part of the cutting edge intelligent sites cookies to empower us to recover the details of clients for each visit. Cookies are utilized in certain zones of our site which empower the usefulness of this region and convenience for those individuals visiting. A few of our promoting accomplices may likewise utilize cookies as well.



Except if generally expressed, Traveller Trek or potentially its licensors possess the protected innovation rights for material on Traveller Trek. All protected innovation rights are held. You may see as well as print from https://www.travellertrek.com for your very own utilization subject to confinements set in these terms and conditions.

You should not:


Terms for Hyperlinking Content

The fore mentioned associations may link to our website, https://www.travellertrek.com/

, without taking our approval.

  • Government offices
  • Search Engines
  • News associations

Online distributors of directories may link to our website when they show us in the registry, in equivalent to they hyperlink to the websites of other recorded organizations as well. System wide Accredited Businesses aside from requesting non-benefit associations, charity shopping centers, fund raising support organizations also cannot hyperlink to our Web website.


These associations may connection to our company’s website, to distributions or to other webpage data so long the connection:

  • Is not deceiving in any way
  • Does not erroneously infer sponsorship, support or of the connecting party and its items or services
  • Fits inside the setting of the connecting website.


We may consider and affirm in our sole discretion, some other link demands from the below-mentioned types of associations:


  • Commonly-known shopper or potentially business data sources, for example, Chambers of Commerce, American Association, AARP and Consumers Union;
  • com network locales;
  • Associations or different groups speaking to foundations, including charity giving locales.
  • Online directory distributors
  • Different Internet Portals
  • Accounting, law and counseling firms whose essential customers are organizations; and Educational organizations and exchange affiliations.


We will endorse connection demands from these associations in the event that we confirm that:

  • The connection would not consider us or our licensed organizations (for instance, exchange affiliations or different associations inalienably presume sorts of business, for example, work-at-home chances, will not be allowed to link to our website)
  • The association does not have an inadmissible record with us
  • The advantage to us from the hyperlink being shown exceeds the absence of
  • Where, is with regards to general information or is generally reliable with article content, a newsletter or comparable item advancing the mission of the association.


These associations may have a link to the website of Traveller Trek, to distributions or to other website data as long as the link:

  • Is not in any capacity deluding
  • Does not erroneously infer sponsorship, underwriting or endorsement of the linking party and its items and services
  • Fits inside the context of the connecting party’s.


On the off chance that you are among the associations recorded in passage 2 above and are keen on connecting to our site, must tell us by sending an email to [email protected] .


If it’s not too much trouble incorporate your name, your association name, contact data, (for example, a telephone number and additionally email) just as the URL of your webpage, a rundown of any URLs from which you mean to link with our website, a rundown of the URL(s) on our website to which you might want to link with. Also, please wait for 2-3 weeks for a reply from us.


The companies and organizations we are approved to link with our website should do so in the following manner:

  • They can use our corporate name; or
  • They can use our URL (web address) to which they want to link; or
  • They can use some other material or description of our website with which they wish to link, however, it should be in the same format as it is on the website of the linking party.

No use of logo of Traveller Trek or any other work of art belonging to us will be allowed for linking to any other site, if it does not have a trademark license agreement.



You may not create any sort of frames around our webpages and are not allowed to do any sort of alteration on its visuals until you take a prior permission from us and we express our consent.

Reservation of Rights

We hold the privilege and rights to demand that you remove all kinds of links you have to our website. You consent to quickly remove all those links to our web pages upon such solicitation. We likewise have the privilege to change these terms and conditions and its connecting arrangements whenever. By proceeding with linking to our website, you consent to be bound to and submit to all these terms and conditions related to linking.

Removing Links from our Site

On the off chance that you discover any connection on our webpage or any connected site shocking in any way, shape or form, you may contact us about this. We will consider solicitations to remove all those links yet will have no commitment to do so or react to it. While we try to guarantee that the data on our site is right, we don’t warrant its exactness; nor do we focus on guaranteeing that the site stays accessible or that the material on it is stayed up with the latest.

Content Liability

We take no responsibility of the content that is displayed on your site. You consent to furthermore, guard us against all cases emerging out of or dependent on your Website. No link(s) may show up on any on your website or any content or materials that might be deciphered as, vulgar or criminal, or which encroaches, generally damages, or backers the encroachment or infringement of, any rights of third parties.


To the most extreme degree allowed by the applicable law, we reject all portrayals, guarantees and identifying with our site and the utilization of this site, counting, without constraint, any guarantees suggested by law in of palatable quality, readiness for reason or potentially the utilization of care and ability.

Nothing in this disclaimer the limit or completely exclude the liability (our or yours) for death or individual damage coming about because of carelessness; limit or exclude the liability for extortion or false deception; limit any of our or your liabilities in any capacity that isn’t allowed under appropriate law; or exclude any of our or your liabilities that may not be excluded under the material law.

The restrictions and exclusions of the risks and liabilities set out in this Section and somewhere else in this disclaimer: (a) subject to the previous passage; and (b) oversee all liabilities emerging under the disclaimer or connection to the topic of this disclaimer, incorporating liabilities emerging in contract, in carelessness) and for rupture of statutory obligation.

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