trails of Margalla Hills

Breathtaking Trails of Margalla Hills in Islamabad that are Nature at its Best

Islamabad is among the limited cities that are blessed with a great location with abundant greenery and perfect weather. The trails of Margalla Hills, Islamabad, are nature at its best and also a great way to get some healthy entertainment. The beautiful flora and fauna of the Margalla Hills offer a great respite for the masses. The locals hike up these trails for a gorgeous view and a natural picnic spot. It is a natural reserve area for wildlife and plants and offers massive biodiversity.

Here are some of the best trails of Margalla Hills that are good for families and friends:

1. Trail 3

Trail 3 of Margalla Hills is the shortest route that takes you straight to Monal You can enjoy a 2 hour trek and then reach the most gorgeous spot up there. Monal is one of the best restaurants in Islamabad and you can finish off with a great meal. The trek also offers other great panoramic views of the beautiful city of Islamabad. There are 2 trails one is called the Fire Trail, which is steep and quite exhausting. The other trail is less steep and zigzags all the way up. It is advised to take the less steeper trail if you are with family.

2. Trail 5


Trial 5 is the most popular thing to do over the weekend in Islamabad. People who want to take a peaceful day away from their daily routines are often found on trail 5. This trail offers the most picturesque views and the rich cover makes for a great view. It also ends on the Pir Sohawa road and you can make your way up to Monal from here. It is great to start hiking in the morning and then stop over at Monal for a nice lunch and a cup of tea.

3. Trail 6


Climbing up all the way to Jabbi Gali, this is the most scenic trails out of them all. Trail 6 moves across thick jungle cover and you can spot many kinds of birds and monkeys up here. Start a little early and the massive chirping of birds will be like music to your ears. Monal is also just a km away from where this trails ends and you can climb down there too. This is getting more popular by the day as it is beautiful.

These trails are the best way to stay healthy and get some fresh air. The trails of Margalla hills are the best things Islamabad has to offer. Highly recommended!


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