Privacy Policy


This privacy policy is brought to by travellertrek website users. Travellertrek takes the responsibility of website user privacy.  According to this privacy policy, its all clauses are applicable to website users whether they have access through a computer, mobile, and any other gadget.

By using this website you are hereby consenting to data, information, and entertainment material-gathering practice of travellertrek.

Personal Data Required

Travellertrek required the following data from its users

Personal Data that directly identifies you

This may include your name, e-mail address, address, username, password, etc.

Personal Data that indirectly identifies you

We automatically received your information indirectly from your device and through a web browser when you have interaction or going through our website. The indirect data may include your IP address, browser links, language, settings, visited sites, time zones setting and operating systems also linked that you had a click or shared with others, etc. we also have access to your social media activities, for that purpose we create an ID which collects your data. We may use this information or data about your activities on site or offsite and on third-party –site, your information is not limited to Facebook only.

Geo Data

We may collect your location data, that where you are. We also collect the language option or country you may choose. All information links with the data we may collect about you.

Profile Data

We may collect your profile data which including your user name, password or other data which you had provided us while registering yourself. Your profile data which include your name will be shown to other users to facilitate their interaction on our site.

Aggregated Data

We aggregate your personal data along with a number of visits and clicks on our website per day, per week and per month. The aggregated data produce metrics, and statics information, which we share with the third parties. The aggregated data will help us to analyze how people use our website and how it increases our business and brings new users.

How We Collect Your Personal Data / Information

We collect your data directly when you register yourself or login to our site as a member we fetch all the information that you provided while putting information during login. On the other hand, the indirect data will be received from third parties like advertising agencies when you buy things on clicking the ad or link appears on our content. Your transaction/contact detail will help us in providing your data.

When you have access on our site we fetch your data through your social media account (not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, youtube or google). Data may include your user name, profile picture and contact number if provided.

How We May Use Your Personal Data / Information

We collect, use, and process your information as allowed under applicable law, including where based on one or other following things.

  • The consent you may provide us at the time of processing information
  • The compliance of legal information in which we are subject or
  • The legitimate interest of Traveller Trek, a third party or yourself. It means the processing of information is for good purpose or measures are taken to minimize the impact on your privacy rights and interest. Legitimate is taken to tell you that information’s are secure on our website or further prevent fraud.
  • While processing your information we may analyze how you and other users, navigate our site and what you are interested in it. We use cookies for this purpose.
  • We analyze comments and feedback you have given to us including reviews you have posted on our website.
  • Information with the third party on fraud protection or spam/malware prevention.
  • Serve content and ads and analyze their performance and effectiveness.
  • Use data analytics to improve and develop our products and services and inform us about our marketing strategy.
  • Through our newsletter, if you subscribed on it, we send you our marketing strategies.
  • Customizing our website and its content to your particular preferences.
  • Comply with applicable laws, legal and regulatory process.

Marketing Use

We may share your personal data or information to a third party or our business partners or we or they by themselves contact you, unless you may us or them to not do so by email about a product, services, promotions, special offers which may be the interest of you.

Disclosure of Your Personal Data

We may disclose your personal data to

  • Other companies within our group, our agents and service provider.
  • The third-party who process your data on our behalf, when they provide service to us (it could data analytics, ad networks, marketing and research also financial service as well).
  • Our business partners if we merge our business with someone, they have direct access on your data.
  • We may also disclose your data in a few circumstances when we legally required this.
  • Law enforcement agencies when they required stopping some kind of unlawful activity.

How We Secure Your Personal Data

We safeguard your data technically and through the organizational measure.  We have Opt best security measure to avoid your accidently data lost, misused, unauthorized access, etc.  We also limit to have to access to your data to employees, contractors, agents and third party.  Your data will be processed according to our instruction.

We try our best to safeguard your personal data but we cannot guarantee or warrant the security measures can completely prevent data breaches.

Monitor Information

We monitor your own information or someone else information whom you put on behalf of him if the other person granted you that authority that you can:

  • Give consent to process his personal information
  • Receive his whole data on behalf of you
  • Give consent to transfer his information to third parties
  • Give consent to publish his/her data

Retaining Your Data

We retain your personal data as soon as we need after that anonymizes your personal data for research or statistical purposes, so in which case we may use this information indefinitely.

Third-Party Site

Our sites may include links to third party sites and social media platform which not limited to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Clicking on those links may allow the third party to collect your personal data. We do not control other sites and social media platforms; you must read their privacy policy to know about how they process your data.


When we use Traveller Trek site, we may collect information about your computer, IP address, browsing data or links you open while using our site.  This information not identify you personally but your activity will be noticed.

We use cookies for several reasons:

  • Identify whenever you visit our website
  • To speed up your access to our website
  • To store your interest or preferences
  • To target our marketing/advertising campaigns
  • Once you change your cookies setting we lost your information or new cookies are not accepted, if you do this you may lose the functionality of our website.

Legal Rights

You may gain the following legal rights while using our website:

  • You may have right about how we process your personal data that we collect from you
  • You may ask us to accurate incorrect information about you
  • You may ask us to erase your data for further use
  • You may draw your consent at anytime
  • You also may ask us to transfer your data to yourself or third party

How to Exercise Your Rights

As a security measure, we may ask you to verify your identity, if a third party is making a request on your behalf, we will ask them to prove that you have granted them permission to act for you.

We may also contact you to ask for further information to help you how to exercise your legal rights or your responses toward our site. If we refuse your request we are liable to explain this to you.