Dubai’s COVID-19 travel update: All you need to know!

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Need to visit Dubai?

Good news! Dubai travel restrictions have eased. Since the announcement by Dubai authorities, on Sunday, 5th July. Visitors and tourists are now allowed to travel to Dubai while following additional guidelines. The flights officially commenced on 7th July whereas those taking passengers from Dubai already begun from 23rd June. So now you can travel, if you have been planning to visit Dubai but there are certain obligatory prescriptions that you need to consider before your take-off.

Your Dubai entry essentials!Cheap Flights

Along with your visa entry permit, you will have to sign a ‘Health Declaration form’ and a ‘Quarantine form’ before boarding into your plane for Dubai. The health declaration form is to ensure you are healthy and not a carrier or victim of COVID-19. However, if you display any symptoms for COVID-19, the airlines reserve the right to deny your entry. Furthermore, by signing the quarantine form you will agree to bear all costs of quarantine and treatment if needed. You will have to submit both the forms to a Dubai Health Authority personal, upon your arrival on Dubai airport. Further, you will have to register your details and update your health status on the COVID-19 DXB App.

Testing for COVID-19

Further indispensable measures include, providing a PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test results certificate. This test must be taken 4 days or 46 hours before, you are scheduled to fly to Dubai. Once you land in Dubai, along with the usual thermal screening and check for COVID-19 symptoms you shall provide the COVID-19 result certificate. In case you do not have your PCR test results, don’t worry the airport authorities will take your test. However, you will be instructed to remain in quarantine at your own residence until the test results arrive. If the results come positive you will be further prescribed to remain in isolation according to the Dubai Health Authority guidelines.

Dos and don’ts for your flight to Dubai!

Though travel restrictions have been lifted in Dubai, traveling can still be dangerous owing to the pandemic situation. Therefore, here is a list of things you need to keep in mind while travelling in this pandemic, and specifically when travelling to Dubai.

  • You may travel anywhere but make sure the airline you choose is approved to travel in and out of Dubai
  • Make sure to update yourself on the health regulations of the country you are visiting i.e Dubai
  • Take into account the additional pandemic measures very seriously! For example; getting yourself tested for COVID-19 or observing a period of quarantine. In accordance with the policy of the country you are visiting
  • Observe social distancing and take all necessary precautionary measures during your travel and stay in Dubai

Wondering now, if its safe to travel to Dubai?Dubai Frame showing of its LED work

Well glad to tell you it is safe! Considering you are careful and fully prepared on your part before-hand. Since the COVID-19 situation occurred in March, Dubai government imposed strict measures right away to minimize the spread. Though positive cases are still being reported but generally the situation is now under control. Gradually, life in Dubai is resuming towards a norm. Restaurants, shops and hotels are opened with social distancing regulations. Most of the tourist attractions have  also reopened for visiting.


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