places to visit in 2020

Top 5 best places to visit in 2020

2020 & Tourism

With 2020 approaching, the tourism industry had great expectations of reaching new horizons. However, the unprecedented corona-virus pandemic, led things to take a completely different toll. In March 2020 majority of the countries went into a total lock-down, and since then the tourism sector around the world is being affected.

Tourism is gradually coming back!

Yes! The good news is that, this pandemic is gradually gaining a downward trend. Countries have eventually learnt how to cope up with this noxious virus and while taking essential precautionary measures, we are slowly heading to a new norm. Thereof, a lot of countries are considering to reopen tourism activity. In fact, the tourism dependent economies are making attempts to repair and boost their tourist sectors. By offering travel subsidies and forming associations to minimize the risks of covid-19 infections. International flights carrying tourists and visitors are now being welcomed in a lot of countries. So, your ultimate tour guide is here with a list of places you can visit in 2020, if you are planning a vacation trip.

Top 5 places for tourists, in 2020

Number 5: Italy

best places to visit in 2020

We are all aware of how badly Italy got hit by the pandemic, experiencing one of the longest and most strict lock-downs. Fortunately, it is now in recovery stage and progressively approaching a new norm. While shops began to operate since May; cafes, restaurants and bars have also begun to resume their functions since June. Italy’s economy is heavily dependent on tourism hence, the country is now allowing tourists to travel in and out of it. Further, making efforts to attract tourists, the Italian islands of Sicily are offering subsidized travel package and free stay at their hotel for one night.


Number 4: Spain

best places to visit in 2020


Spain being next on list of severely affected countries by Covid-19, after Italy is also recovering from the blow. It has reopened its borders for travelers and tourists. Indeed, Spain plans to return with a BANG! It is coming up with extraordinary ideas to promote domestic as well as international tourism activity. The foreign Minister of Spain announced in early June to reopen for international tourists in July and ensured that highest standards of health safety will be followed. Ending his speech on this note: “We look forward to welcoming you!”


Number 3: Dubai

Dubai Frame


Dubai officially opened for visitors and tourists on 7th July. Under some strict precautionary policies to maintain safety and health. Dubai is now finally welcoming tourists and travelers from around the world. So, if you plan on visiting Dubai, check out my other blog, you will find everything you need to know for your travel trip to Dubai.


Number 2: Greece

Greece reopened for tourists on June 15th. Being successfully able to slow down the spread of novel corona-virus. It has issued policies to minimize in accordance including. All travelers coming from high risk areas are required to get tested for COVID-19, 72 hours prior to their visit. Furthermore, Greek government has temporarily cut value added taxes on modes of transportation to boost tourism.


Number 1: Turkey

places to visit in 2020

Turkey is another exemplary country that successfully coped with the spread of Covid-19. It has been welcoming tourists since June. The country launched an internationally recognized certification system through which it has classified tourist destinations and businesses as ‘corona free zones.’ While tourists entering the country have to provide evidence for being Covid-19 negative, Turkey is sure to become the most popular tourist destination of 2020, by late summer.


Well, these are the top 5 countries that have reopened their borders and are welcoming tourists with whole new enthusiasm. As gradually things are getting better with this pandemic, we hope tourism will soon return to its original glory!

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