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5 Newly Opened Restaurants in Islamabad that are a Must Try

Islamabad has a great fast food and cafe culture these days. There are a lot of newly opened restaurants in Islamabad and all are great. The capital city has new trends and cuisines to offer the many dignitaries and ambassadors that live here. Even the locals enjoy the many different kinds of food outlets in the city. You will find cafes with continental food, Chinese places, coffee houses and desi food!

Here is a list of the top five newly opened restaurants in Islamabad:

1. The Smokey Cauldron

If you are a Harry Potter fan, the name will instantly ring a bell. This place is truly magical and the Harry Potter themed cafe offers great food. The ambiance truly embodies the setup o Hogwarts with tall windows and dim lights. You can enter through the Ministry of Magic entrance and enjoy all the Potterhead feels this place gives. The exciting menu has dishes like dark arts burgers, dragon’s eyeballs and Hagrid’s rock cakes. You will definitely feel like you have entered the magical world of Harry Potter. Not only is it great in ambiance, the theme truly presents itself. You can almost imagine Harry, Ron and Hermione sitting next to you.

2. Ginyaki

Pan Asian cuisines have been popular from quite some time now and Ginyaki is the latest addition. It serves quality Asian food with just the right amount of fusion. It has taken its place as one of the most popular restaurants in Islamabad in no time. The menu ranges from Chinese to Thai and even some Japanese dishes make it to the menu. The ambiance includes a quiet atmosphere and beautiful paintings on the walls. This is a value added experience for all Pan Asian cuisine lovers.

3. Asian Wok

Asian Wok is in the basement of Beverly Center and offers amazing Asian and Thai food. It is one of the newly opened restaurant in Islamabad. They are famous for their molten lava cake and stuffed chili prawns. The ambiance and the great quality of food make it one of the best Pan Asian food options in Islamabad. It is one of the favorites of Islamabad locals and has become very popular.

4. Qishmish

If you are looking for authentic Pakistani food, Qishmish is the right choice. Passing by Jinnah Super Market, the restaurant is intriguing in its name. The place has a fan base of its own and you will not find better desi food options than this place. It is a traditional place with great chicken karahi and BBQ options. The best part are their chutneys and fresh garlic naan. This is a must visit place for all and it will be a delight for your taste buds.

5. Khoka Khola

Khokha Khola sounds like someone misspelled Coca-Cola. It is a unique fusion restaurant that offers desi food with a modern twist. As the name suggests, they have the best chai in all of Islamabad. When you are trying newly opened restaurants in Islamabad, this needs to be on the list for sure. The best service from in-house staff and wonderful food presentation will make you fall in love with the place. Order some traditional food and enjoy the familiar pop music in the background.

Do not forget to check out the social media pages of all these restaurants for deals and new dishes. All these newly opened restaurants in Islamabad have something for everyone. We hope you enjoy your meal.



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