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Travelling with Traveller trek, the app

Need an app for your travelling needs?

Traveller trek has got you covered! We have launched a new app solely to meet your socializing needs as you hit the road. An app designed to connect you with a traveller community that shares the same interests as yours. The next time you think about sharing your travel experiences, I am glad to tell, you won’t have to think twice!

This blog post highlights the basic features of this go-to travelling app, you can download it from ‘playstore’ to get a real-time experience of what it has to offer.


Nothing better than Familia!

We at traveller trek aim to build a traveller community where you feel comfortable and belonged. A family that truly understands what it takes to be passionate a traveller. And whom you can always rely on for advice, in a strange new place. A community that is there to guide you to the best tourist spots and activities to make your travel experiences worthwhile!



Feel like your photography skills aren’t appreciated?

Well not anymore! We at traveller trek are photographers too and we know the effort it takes to get a perfect shot! Thus, we have created traveller trek app as a platform where photographers and travellers like you can share their master pieces without hesitation. Bearing in mind their hard work will be cherished. You can easily upload your high-quality shots and share with an audience who can recognise the struggle behind it!


Every moment matters!

Being a traveller, you come across so many things that you feel the need to capture, save or share. Yet, only a few images make it to an iconic profile of a photographer. We have come up with a solution! With the traveller trek app you can easily share the moments as you go, through our ‘story feature’. That allows you to separately share and even save your day ventures as your traverse and explore new stuff.


Socialize like never before!

Indeed! Traveller trek is not just a travelling app, it is a great place to connect, socialize and make friends that share similar interests as yours. The ‘news feed feature’ of this app allows you to stay updated on what’s new in the travelling world. Also, it helps you connect with your traveller friends and keep track of their ventures! :p


A safe keeper!

We know what it takes to be traveller and we care about the memorable experiences you have. Therefore, we have designed our app to hold a special feature of ‘travel diaries’ where you can write your travel experiences and share if you want. Your memories will always be safe with us!



Have fun exploring the world!

Make your travel experiences a lot more fun with our traveller trek app. As we try to accommodate your needs, we are open to all your suggestions. You can download the app from the link below and let us know about your experience using it.

I am content creator and I have a huge passion for travelling and capturing experiences on film and photo. Being a curious kid, I always loved to explore and this is what I have done most of my adult life as well.

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