Best cafes in Islamabad

All the Best Cafes in Islamabad that You HAVE to Try Soon

Islamabad is known for its food scene. From the Prime Minister’s favorite Tuscany Courtyard to the newly opened chai and dessert places. Cafes in Islamabad are many and they are all great.

If you are wary of all the places you go to, we have a list of some new ones for you. The best cafes in Islamabad are here:

1. Burning Brownie

If a good cup of coffee and a chocolaty dessert is all it takes for you to have a good day than Burning Brownie is the place for you. There cheesecakes are famous country wide, my friends. They have really changed the scenario of evening hangouts with friends. Most of the times, this place is so crowded that you have to wait to get seated. The outdoor ambiance is adorned with fancy lights and it is a crowd favorite.

Evenings in Islamabad are very pleasant so this is a great place to enjoy the weather and great company. Other than cheesecakes, they also offer great pastries and other desserts. You can also order desi parathas with your chai. All in all, this is one of the best eateries in the capital city right now. You are missing out big time if you haven’t tried it yet. It is located at the ground floor of Olympus Mall.

2. Coffee Planet

There are Coffee Planet outlets all over the country but none match the quality of those in Islamabad. The place is widely known for its cold and hot beverages. There desserts are as good as they come and we don’t even need to talk about the coffee. A place that is called Coffee Planet has to have amazing coffee. This is a great place to get a snack and finish up on some work. The ambiance is quiet and typical of a coffee house. You can spend some hours here with friends and order their classic lasagna as well. This place offers some discounted deals as well and you must check them out.

3. Chaye Khaana

Chayee Khana is what started the whole cafe scene in the country. There were either continental food cafes earlier or English breakfast places. Chaye Khaana totally changed the game as it offered more than just one option. They were the pioneers of a good desi breakfast option. Their range of tea and coffee blends makes them a unique place. The cafe offers a great, quiet ambiance and you will have a great time here. Although they offer a very different menu but their aloo paratha is the best in town. You can plan business meetings or a casual hangout here and it is great for both!

4. Secret Sky

Secret Sky is another one of the greatly popular outdoor cafes in Islamabad. It offers an exceptionally unique menu and a great setting. This place is casual and is best for hanging out with friends. Order coffee or a cup of tea and indulge in the ambiance.

5. MJ’s Bakery and Coffee House

MJ’s bakery is one of the best in town! They offer a range of artisan breads and sourdoughs that are unlike any other. The more you hang out at this place, the more you will love it. The cafe also serves cakes and delicious pastries. You will drool over the steaks as the temperature is exactly what you order! This place is a dream for any food connoisseur as they deliver the best.


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