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Top 7 Travel Bloggers That Are Doing a Mighty Fine Job and Deserve A Follow

Travel Blogging might be the new in-thing but let’s be honest not everyone is good at it! Some might be too awkward, others might be acting more as tourists than travelers. Pakistan is just so full of beauty and natural sites that still need to be explored. Many national and international travel bloggers have ventured into the unknown in Pakistan and some are better than others.

With so many travel bloggers, we made you a list of the best ones you need to follow!

These are just the ones that are either Pakistanis or have been to Pakistan.

1. Drew Binsky (@drewbinsky)

Drew has been out and about since 2013 with a mission to travel every country before he is 30 years old! As much as this is super ambitious, it also brings us amazing content from all around the world. Drew recently came to Pakistan and loved the country and its hospitality. He has now traveled across 140+ countries and is still on thee go. He posts daily travel vlogs on his social media accounts.

2. Naveed Khan (@hunzaonfoot)

Naveed Khan is a local traveler from Pakistan who quit his job at BBC to do what he was passionate about – travel! He now runs a traveling agency named Hunza On Foot which also renovates Shepherd huts in Upper Hunza. His amazing photos will make you want to travel to the top of Nanga Parbat for sure.

3. Alex (@lostwithpurpose)

Alex has been travelling across Pakistan disguised as a local. She is American and has made 5 visits to Pakistan. If you want authentic and heartfelt travel guides and tours you absolutely need to follow her. This lone ranger has a very interesting take on tourism in Pakistan and here’s where you can watch it.

4. Mark Weins (@MarkWeins)

Mark Weins is a travel blogger and food enthusiast in one. His t-shirt always says “I travel for food” and that is true. If you want to know the street food scene in any country, Weins is your man!

5. Eva Zu Beck (@Eva Zu Beck)

Eva rose to fame with a scandal in Pakistan, but since then her popularity has only increased. She was caught on camera doing a KiKi Challenge with a Pakistani flag. Eva loves Pakistan and she has made sure she tells the whole world about it.

6. Anam Hakeem (@girlwithgreenpassport)

Anam is a Pakistani traveler that has been to 24 countries and is the first person you think of when you hear smashing stereotypes. She is a free spirit and documents her travels on her Instagram. Her posts are lively and intimate and you should definitely give her a follow.

7. Amtul Baweja and Fahad Tariq Khan (@patangeer)

Patangeer or The Wandering Kites are a travel couple and absolute goals. Traveling with your significant other can be amazing and this cute couple does that in style. They make us fall in love with them and also their content.

Follow these travel bloggers now and get the travel vibes you need.





I am content creator and I have a huge passion for travelling and capturing experiences on film and photo. Being a curious kid, I always loved to explore and this is what I have done most of my adult life as well.

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