Best Airlines in Pakistan

5 Best Airlines in Pakistan that are Offering Cheapest Flights and Best Quality

Even with the growing tensions in Pakistan and dwindling economy, the commercial airlines of Pakistan have been great. The best airlines in Pakistan have all something great to offer. Whether it is cheap rates or exceptional quality of service. These airlines have made their name in the gloabal scene as well. We made a list of the best airlines in Pakistan:

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)

PIA is the national and first airline of Pakistan and without a doubt makes it to this list. The government of Pakistan has 85% of its shares and that makes it a national asset. PIA has seen its fair share of ups and downs. It was once the sole flyer in the country with international routes. PIA has amazing services that only get better with time. PIA has flights to 35 cities domestically and also great international routes as well. PIA’s routes go on to USA, Europe, Middle East, all of Asia and even Australia. It is one of the very few airlines in Pakistan that offer direct flights to distant destinations. The flight attendants are very professional and well mannered. You will also get some of the cheapest flights and deals through PIA.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)

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Airblue might as well be one of the most popular airlines in Pakistan at this time. It is a great addition to the best airlines in Pakistan due to its great service. Airblue operates flights on a domestic level and also internationally. It is owned by ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahid Khaaqan Abbasi who himself is a commercial pilot. It is known for good on-flight food and hospitality services. You will find great deals along with exceptional service.

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Askari Aviation

Askari Aviation might not be a well-known commercial airliner but it is still awesome. More people should know about it as it has great customer services and flight comfort. Their smaller jets have been involved in rescue missions for mountaineers as well. Most people who have taken a flight with this airline have given it 5 star reviews.

Askari Aviation


Shaheen Air

This private airline has been in operation for quite some time now. It makes it to the list of best airlines in Pakistan because of cheap flights. The service of this airlines is remarkable for the price it charges and if you book in advance you may get even cheaper rates. Shaheen Air flights can be booked for bigger cities and Gulf areas. Arguably, Shaheen Air is the best economy class airliner in the country. There are many frequent flyers with Shaheen Air that have chosen it for their domestic traveling. The seats are comfortable, food is great, you have enough leg space and it is cheaper than most other flights.

Shaheen Air


Serene Air

Serene Air is also a private airline that started in 2017 and is owned by a Chinese group along with a Pakistani partner. In this short span of time Serene Air has made a great name for itself. With new airplanes and professional staff, this is one the best airlines in Pakistan. With great services and food quality, Serene Air is a top choice. The operations are domestic for now but it is a tough competition for all other airlines of Pakistan.

Serene Air


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Pakistan is a country where people love to travel. All travel enthusiasts have their own ways to get the best deals and cheapest bookings possible for flights. They cannot ignore services as well and these are the 5 best airlines of Pakistan right now.

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